Get to know us!

hello, you’ve some how stubble across our blog and want to know who we are. so here we go….

Well where to begin? My name would probably be a good starting point wouldn’t it. I’m Natalie I’m a 27 year old mummy to 2 beautiful babies. Corey jay is my eldest whom is 4 and Derry-Rae (just derry) is nearly 2 in July. My partner in crime of 9 years is mark 32.

So here is me! Fully glammed. Even brushed my hair here which is rare! 😉 The amount of things I rush around doing that poor hair gets a right finger combing daily and shoved into a “messy” obviously intentional bun. I must have been going somewhere farncy in this because I actually curled it now that is a special event! I’m a happy go lucky girl, I’m a strong girl and I make it through the darkest of days . I’m A mummy who loves to laugh and make my babies smile. There laughter is medicine for my sole. The kind of mummy who dresses her kids beautiful and then jumps in muddy puddles with them the mudder the better. I love all things shoes,make up and skincare. I have a dirty laugh, I speak before I think and I laugh at my own jokes. Im just an all round cool human ha ha 😉 x

This is mark. We’re currently decorating the whole house. Whilst doing this we decided a paint fight was appropriate and starting slapping each other with paint brushes whilst the kids screamed in excitement watching. But he’s my right hand man, best friend and top dad. Even if he does drive me to insanity. He’s a big football lover but gardening is his passion. We have been together 9 years, he stalked me in the supermarket I was working at hounded me infact 😉 he persisted & with charm it obviously paid off because here we are 9 years, 2 babies later he hit the jackpot with me didn’t you sunshine? Ha ..Our relationship isn’t a soppy loved up couple kissing in the rain kind of thing well it was at the beginning but now nearly a decade later we’re more banter to the max and laugh continuously but we have a massive love for each other. I would live in a black bag as long as it was with him (and babies of course) Hes my best friend and boyfriend rolled into one. I’d carry the world for him. Don’t give him enough credit so here it is your welcome mark lol x 

This is Corey! He’s just turned 4 and is absolutely an angel sent from heaven. Cheeky little champy who has a heart of gold. He’s had his struggles and is awaiting an assessment for autism and adhd. He’s so beautiful in every way the kindest child I’ve ever known. Well behaved and loves his cuddles and kisses! He has a slight obbession with blaze and the monster machines & Disney Pixar! Hes at the age where hes become a comedian. Copies every movement his dad makes and looks at him like hes his whole life. Hes a carbon copy of me in every way and watching him grow so far has been a massive gift. He arrived at a hard time in our whole families life and is well and truly sent from heaven. x

And this is derry. She’s nearly 2 and boy do we know it. Terrible twos have arrived! She’s a sassy loud mouthed gremlin at times. She knows what she wants and will scream bloody murder for it. She’s my testing child. She loves to dress up and if your shoes aren’t glued on there coming off for her to wear. Shoe obsessed. She’s my ray of sunshine and gives great cuddles. Derry is a big trolls and CBeebies fan! She a proper character. She brightens any day. Shes been to this world before and is advanced for her years. Shes my little helper around the house, loves to follow behind me cleaning along with me. Shes my little Sassy shadow and will rock the world growing up. The world isn’t ready for our Derry Doo Doo. 

Lastly, is our fur baby! Daisy doo doo. She grown abit since this picture. Shes the cat version of derry. These 2 were separated at birth or something because they have the same personality! Daisy loves to hide behind corners and spy watching waiting for someones toes to walk pass and then she comes into war mode! The kids adore her especially derry. She will let derry do anything to her and never react anything other than love. She was made for our family x

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Bye for now!




Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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