Top Tips for travelling with toddlers

I recently made what probably turned out to be a parenting fail choice. I chose yes chose to travel to spain from England via coach yep coach. Idiot. 24 long hours sat on a coach through England down to the euro tunnel on to france and then spain. IDIOT!.

All joking aside the kids did amazing. The journey for us as adult was mentally draining so for a 2&4 year old it must have felt like it was never going to end. But they seriously surprised us and did amazing. But next year were flying!!

We travelled with a company called Seista holidays and there coachs are infact amazingly equipment with private tv and reclining chairs. Im working on a company review on siesta holidays so look out for that under “reviews.”






The problem we had was Derry’s travel sickness She doesn’t just be sick she goes into a fit like state. She had a seizure in January 2018 from her temperature so since that traumatic experience whenever we travel she flops and her eyes become glazed just before she throws up. So this was a big worry which brings me to my toppest tip.

 Be prepared

Depending on your travel time prepare for what could possibly cause a hitch in your journey and try make it as easy as possible for everyone including those around you.

  1. Travel sickness – If you think anyone in your party will develop sickness purchase over the counter antisickness tablets 2061EF29-5741-4B11-AC01-75E01F449A51. The brand I purchased were joy ride  from my local pharmacy that claimed to last 24 hours. The morning of travel i crushed a tablet up for each of the kids and put it in a yoghurt so they were none the wiser.  Scented nappy bags were a god send for us as the sick that did occur went straight into them, no one wants to travel with the smell of sick for hours. Spare clothes incase of getting any sick on clothes a quick change and bag the clothes in the nappy bags. Baby wipes and water are esstentials.
  2. Keep them busy – if your travelling by road make up a spot tick off sheet where by you list 5 red cars, 3 trees, 2 bridges, 10 lorries etc and they tick there sheets as and when thy spot them. Even by plane you can do it for the waiting to board with colours and numbers.   Stickers, lots and lots of stickers. Let them stick those sticks anywhere if its keeping them quiet there face , there shoe,  the window. If they are quiet and busy let them be within reason of course. Tablets and head phones. set them up with netflix, you tube, a portable dvd player. disney will become your best friend along with peppa pig. I know shes a bratty pig but they love her! ha ha. Activity packs, these can be brought from any pound land type store or super market, these usually come with stickers crayons and colouring etc. The biggest thing is spread it out! space each activity out so you dont get through it all in the first hour and have a bored child for another 4 hours.EE98E65C-9018-4C7E-8BFA-445874B5FCA0
  3. communication – travelling with children is hard enough let alone if your lossing your patiences yourself. If youve got a partner talk with them. If your sitting with one of your children whos playing up abit and your getting to stress level, talk to your partner. ask for help. swap seats keep it fair. The journey isnt going to be fun for anyone travelling with a screaming baby. swap . Take that help. Even in the form of a stranger. If your on a plane and youve been rocking that baby for 3 hours and that strangers offers to help or give your arms a rest take it, theyve probably been there themselves. If your travelling alone with multiple children and your on a 7 hour flight and need the loo. ask for help. Ask the steward to keep an eye out, ask that mummy sitting beind you. People understand. Same goes with if your a mummy whos children are being fantastic but the ladies infront of yous children aren’t and shes alone. offer that help.D473B4CA-F1CC-4F1C-BCBC-4B77F7930216
  4. Plan ahead – Keep your hand luggage or travel bag organised. keep it neat and arrange things youll need in sections. If you know exactly where something is be it a phone charger, nappy bag or pen its all where you no and easy to reach less stress. pack enough supplies incase of a delayed flights (nappies,milk,food). Pack snacks opting for no mess snacks i.e dont pack a hoard of chocolates and kitkats.  If your travelling by car plan for breakdowns. Google your journey . Plan your stop breaks and take them frequently. Even if you dont need the toilet when the stop is approaching take it you dont know what will happen between that and the next. plan your petrol stops and journey to the T.37DA19C2-FD70-495C-B894-9CF7E9AA55A4
  5. Comfort– If your travelling by car throw in a few pillows and blankets and pray the kids have long naps. Sleep the whole journey wake up when you arrive would be wonderful wouldnt it ha ha. Neck pillows are a great alternative for plane travel. Eye masks can also aid childrens sleep. Cooling mists are great for when its getting abit hot and sweaty these can be purchased from most leading stores. Travel fans are also great and kids love holding them. Window sheilds to keep the sun off your tiny humans also are great for keeping everyone cool inside the car. Loose clothing is also a must no one wants to be stuck travelling in layers or thick jeans. Baby vests are great for travelling they were a god send for me.                      2D61C6A4-7ABB-4C05-BE07-C94BA9B99188.jpeg                    So they are my top 5 tips for travelling. Most importantly try stay calm keep the vibe positive. Praise there excellent behaviour. Oh another little obvious tip but burn there engery off at every chance! Before leaving and in stop breaks.     Keep it exciting and ENJOY your holiday!!!    Leave us a comment on your tips! Thanks for reading x


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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