Butlins Skegness

Butlins Skegness has become our home away from home. We love the whole British holiday package, its fun packed and always something going on within the site there’s no time for boredom.

We started Butlins in 2014, Corey was only 12 weeks old. We went with the whole family brothers, mum ,nieces and nephew. It was our first taste of the Butlins experience. I had been in my child hood but I had no memory of it really other than the red coats. I don’t even know if that was a memory or just because they have become famous around the world.

Our first stay was in the golden apartment 3 bedrooms just me mark and corey. We had the package of food included so was so easy to go to the lovely buffet restaurant no hassle of cooking especially with a new born.  The food is just perfect I honestly cant say one bad thing about it. Healthy options aswell as pizzas, nuggets etc. so much variety at all meals breakfast full English to cereal and fruit. Tea time was just as excellent variety of meats and meals, as well as a huge salad bar and soup. As soon as a table was left the staff are straight there to clean it up ready for the next family. Being that they serve hundreds of people a day we never once have had to wait for a table to eat.  Fresh juice is freely available in different flavours and breakfast offers teas and coffees aswell. The door greeter was lovely I wish I could remember his name because we met him on 2 visits even though they were a year apart he remembered us he remembered corey had hired a bike from there hire shop and we were so shocked when he mentioned it again the next time we went. He had been there years and told us all about the changes over the years. But we didn’t meet one member of staff who didn’t treat us lovely. Always stopping to talk. The staff are an amazing credit to the company.

We stayed the Friday to the Monday our first time we the other times a week.  I don’t know what I had expected it to be like but we loved it the facilities are fantastic. Which is why we keep going back. Butlins addicted.


The splash swimming area is amazing. With 3 main pools, a Jacuzzi and a fab childrens pool. We didn’t use the childrens part the first time we went as corey was so small but in our later 3-4 visits we used it everyday both corey and derry loved it. The childrens pool is shallow enough the children stand unaided and walk around the spouting water areas and there are also 3 mini slides which corey adored! He would just want to go on and on every single day that’s all he wanted. There are also adult size slides which even go outside wrapping around the building there so big and on arrival these are the first site you get pulling into the park is the bright coloured shoots. The rapids are also exciting they lead outside which when we visited in October was a tad cold ha ha but fun regardless. There also is a wave pool included in the 3 main pools. One of the pools hosts indoor rapids a cave with spot lighting with in pool seating and another middle size slide and mushroom water falls. The changing room area is very large and are family changing so mum doesn’t get left with all the kids while dad goes to the mens changing ha ha its all in one and the cubicles are very large with baby changing tables in. Lockers are available and kept spotless. Life gaurds are dotted around the whole facility. They also have activity items they put in some pools like jet ski floaters for children. The pool is beyond are favourite part. For those not wanting to swim but still join in the fun of watching theres a big viewing point looking over all the pools and also a beach theme seating area next to the wave pool. The swimming is the one thing the kids look forward to and us adults, We as adults have just if not more fun than the kids!…9FAF5F2B-C46A-4029-8E8D-971951B4D0F1.jpeg

Coreys other love is there fair ground. It is outdoors so weather permitting but its fantastic. The smaller tots rides are FREE! included in your stay which is fab! There are also park areas with tunnels going under hills to crawl through that the kids loved and mark yes mark 32 played in the park and embarrassed the life out of me crawl through tunnels in a play area cant take him anywhere!960143B3-52AF-4661-BD4B-1A8C0D55BF05.jpeg

Next to the fair is an indoor arcade and the first time we visited we didn’t go inside here but I was gutted when the next year we went that we hadn’t gone in. Because inside is a massive indoor play centre we had no clue was even there, a free soft play. Id say for ages 0-12 which was an added bonus to let the kids run free if it was abit rainy being it is skeggy.


The next time we visited we stayed In the silver apartment as the gold was that bit dearer and we didn’t spend much time in it the first time. Plus it had 3 bedrooms and we all shared 1. The golden apartments are decorated lovely and have house keeping included the only negative we found was these apartments are the furthest away from the main area and having just had a csection is was abit gruelling the walking back and forward.

The silver are more basic than the gold. Still clean and well equipped for everything needed. sofas, TV and full kitchen for those who didn’t go with the food package to self cater. This time when we visited it was my birthday while there and I couldn’t have spent the day any better being in butlins to be honest. At breakfast the staff greeting gave me a Happy birthday which really shocked me.

40E9E54D-698E-4A41-BD81-97095BA07B5F.jpegThe main tent which isn’t a tent more like an arena. Like a circus big top times a 100 its huge and many balloon ms fill the top from lost children who didn’t hold tight enough haha We say everytime we go ” wonder how they get them down”… This is where the main entertainment happens. Always something going on. Full stage and plenty of seating. Weve had lovely times in there watching things like the tele tubby party and meeting bob the builder along with other characters. Plus a picture booth to have photos with the characters.


We spent all our time in there. The skyline crew putting on shows aswell as billy and bonnie bear with red coats. The entertainment is top class can not fault it at all.   Inside this is also the supermarket, fish and chip shop, arcades, casino, burger king, bars, sweet shops , sport bar, build a bear, toy shop, and the skyline bar. We never got to go to the night time entertainment as the kids were so worn out from the day they were crashed by 7. Also coreys autism prevents him from being around to much loud noise or flashing lights so we gave that a miss anyway but I did have a peak in a few times and it looks amazing. People queue to enter so I know it must be excellent as butlins standards are very high.

Our lastest visit was by far the best for me as the kids were that bit older to enjoy it more. We hired corey another balance bike from the hire shop aswell as a pushchair for when we went into skeggy for the day. And we also hired one of those 4 seater bikes to ride around the site, don’t think weve laughed so much all of us crying with laughter.


We stayed in the newer fair ground apartments and they were gorgeous and so far our favourite. Literally opposite the fair ground and had a more included feeling rather than the golden being further away.  The beach is literally attached to the park and has a guarded entrance in a maned box that closes at 5 i believe and the beaching area has been cleared of rubbish so a lovely walk down to the sea. It also leads onto a long walk way that you can walk all the way into skeggy from. A few miles though. Next to this is a photo point with large things like a sun bed over sized and sand castles great picture place.


One hidden gem we did find but not till our last visit was an indoor centre that houses ride on toys and little slides & bikes etc. It was in the nursery building behind the lazer quest. They have activities going on like painting etc in there aswell and its free. It could do with a lick of paint in the actual room but has sofas for the parents to sit and is a nice quiet spot to relax away from the hype and chaos of the main tent. Both my kids enjoyed an hour in there.1202AB5A-9FFB-4185-BDF1-97CEEE201085.jpeg

Butlins for us had become a yearly tradition. If your looking for fun and excitement for the kids butlins is your place. They offer great payment plans so the cost is spread instead of a full payment at once. I would highly recommend adding the food on it saves you a fortune while there. The kids ask constantly when can they go back to butlins. Corey is lucky enough to have a brill nanny and is going again in 2 weeks with his cousin and uncle to im so jealous. I know he will come home with thousands of things to tell us about.

This was abit of a longer post than I’d expected so thank you if your still reading to this point ha ha But I just wanted to stress BUTLINS IS FAB!!!!!!!!


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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