5 Top tips for C-section

With both my children I had emergency C-sections due to there heart rates dropping on the monitor. Both sections had been planned but with both the morning of the section there heart rates were rapidly dropping and they turned to emergencies.

My first section experience was totally different to my second. With my first I was in hospital for  5 days on morphine and felt like id been through a washing machine 10 times. I was on hourly morphine for 2 days and I didn’t get out the bed for 24 hours after. The pain was horrific. I couldn’t move or care for Corey’s needs. I avoided walking or moving and cried a lot! Once home my scar got infected and took months to heal. even now 4 years later I have zero sensation around the scar.

My second was amazing id even say perfect. I was out of the bed within 2 hours of my section. I could move easily. I didn’t have even half the amount of pain id had with my first. This is probably due to it being my second so was already still numb in that area. I cared solely for Derry and didn’t take morphine once. I was home within 24 hours.


Get mobile – I know how scary the thought of that first leap out the bed is! I didnt want to get up I was terrified my insides would fall out! Like the slightest move would rip my stitches and my stomach content would pile out. IT WONT! ha ha. Moving is the best medicine, it will loosen your muslces and speed up your recovery. Staying lying down will 100% make the pain worse for when you do have to move. Of course within reason don’t start doing jumping jacks of joy that your baby is here ha ha. Small steps frequently. Trust me you’ll thank for me for it.

Underwear – The bigger the better! When purchasing make sure you get pants that are full briefs so that the line of your pants wont be sitting on the wound. I went with high waist to give that support and keep the top away from my wound.

Padding – To stop my stitches catching my lining of my pants, I stuck 2 sanitary towels to the inside of my underwear side ways so it sat around my belly against the wound. This was a massive help it gave abit of cushion and I wasn’t afraid of the stitches catching into my underwear. change it often to prevent infection but it was a massive help.

Airing & Cleaning – Airing the wound is so important to let it heal over. Every morning I would shower and then lie on the bed naked to allow the wound to get some air for an hour or so. I also took this time to rest. I would then at night do the same. Every hour or so for the first few days id get a warm cloth and dabbed the wound to clean it and then dab with a clean towel to keep it dry. Keeping it dry is very important.

Pain relief & Resting – Take what your given! Don’t wait for your pain relief to wear off before taking the next keep topped up. Rest as much as possible, have a lie on the bed take this time to air your wound! Don’t over do it you might feel great for a few hours start hoovering or walking for to long but you will regret it! The pain will come on after a few hours after thinking you were fine and set your recovery back. Rest lying flat as much as possible to let the wound breath. For the first few days with my first I used the backing of my sofa cushion in my bed to prop me up so I wasn’t completely flat as I felt like I could lie flat for days due to the pain, I then lowered it each day till I was finally able to lay flat on my back.

Hope you find these little tips helpful and enjoy your new bundle of joy!




Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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