Christmas 2017

Its no secret that im a mega Christmas lover who isn’t other than scrooge. I never used to be until I had my own children and the magic of Christmas came alive. The first year I went into full gift buying obsession mode.  I couldn’t wait for the day, of course corey was only a baby and didn’t even care. He cared more about the wrapping paper and packaging. But I still loved every moment. Then derry came along and the excitement of Christmas really came alive for me in 2017 as they were both that bit older.


My present buying needed to be planned as now there were 2 and the gifts they wanted not so much derry as she was still easy going but corey knew what he wanted he’d asked for certain toys. So I started Christmas chopping in February. I know that sounds silly but I told myself to buy at least 2 presents a month and put them in the attic. Some months id buy more and if I saw a special offer id buy it and put it away.


This year was our first year meeting santa aswell. We went to a local car museum that held a grotto which gives you a ride on sleigh experience. So you get on the sleigh and the walls move to make it seem like your riding through to the north pole in a glow in the dark awesomeness tunnel.  Corey was seriously excited so we’re me and my mum. Derry didn’t have a clue what was happening but she loved it anyway dancing away to the music. Meeting santa made me well up so much Im such an emotional wreck with things like this and coreys face exploded my heart. It was really lovely.

This year we even got a white Christmas. The kids first experience of snow! Derry hated it she wouldn’t let us put her down to walk but corey loved it and we had a few snow ball fights and made memories.

The wrapping was so back breaking however as I didn’t wrap as I brought incase a label came off and I couldn’t remember what id brought which was a mistake. At the beginning of December my mum had the kids for the day so we went up to the attic and got everything down and we were shocked at how much was there. I only needed to buy for family so I had no stress of how would I afford Christmas as I hadn’t missed the money as if was bit by bit.

Corey was beyong excited Christmas eve and it was the first year he was old enough to believe and the magic was amazing. Putting out the mince pies, carrots and milk. Corey with his autism had been afraid of wrapped presents. He couldn’t stand the worry of not knowing what was under the paper. He didn’t like loud moving flashing light toys, or toys that talked. Birthdays and Christmas’s previously we’d not been able to wrap anything and all the family knew not to either. But this year out of no where he asked santa to wrap his presents. We talked over and over with him that if we phoned and told santa this that he would wrap them and I couldn’t change it. He understood so I made a quick call to family to make sure this years were all wrapped. I was thrilled at this it made it more exciting.


So Christmas came and it was so magical. Ill leave our you tube video of the morning and his reaction here :

The kids ended up with so much it was beyond a joke. These presents included from uncles and grandparents to. This year im starting at the end of may instead of febuary as we just ended up with 2 much. Plus we had our holiday in april so wanted to focus on that.

My Christmas morning tradition we started when corey was a baby is a buffet style breakfast. We set it up around 6am and leave it there till 9ish. I really love doing this as we all sit for a while picking and chatting. The conversation is about santa and toys but I just love watching the kids mostly corey that year talk about the things he loves. Corey really struggled with his speech maybe autistic related but hes came on leaps this year and I could listen to him talk about his passion for toys all day. Then after 30 minutes or so the kids are back to playing but we leave the brekkie out for them to pick at as we have a late dinner. But we all look forward to this tradition, and ive now added it onto easter to!C0AE146A-23CF-4A41-94DD-70838D2C7466.jpeg

Another Christmas tradtion I love is the new PJ/nightwear for santa. I do this on birthdays to always have new pyjamas the night before. This year I tried to get matching for us all but left it late so we went with a Christmassy theme.

Christmas dinner is obviously the main event for Christmas for the adults anyway. I always do a joint of beef and a chicken. This year Christmas eve we’d been kept up all night by drunken fighting outside the house for hours until I eventually called the police as we couldn’t take it anymore. It had left me feeling exhausted aswell as I had a cold. Because of this at dinner I just didn’t feel well, id had one bite of meat and said id eat mine in a little while. I lay on the sofa for around 20 mins while everyone else finished up. I then went to the loo and came back to eat my dinner…. But however I didn’t get to have my dinner because mark HAD THROWN IT AWAY!!!! I was honestly devastated I maybe ripped marks head off abit to much over a dinner but id cooked it for hours and didn’t even get to try it! I can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn’t funny for me anyway. Everyone else found it hilarious and mark honestly felt awful and still hasn’t heard the last of it.

We had a lovely day and it was filled with magic just as Christmas should be and I can not wait for Christmas 2018. what are your traditions leave us a comment.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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