Our new Addition

For years we have talked about owning a cat.

We had planned on moving this year from our apartment to a house with garden. We already had a pet dog whom after us going on a family holiday had gone to stay with my parents and with them having a big garden and 2 other dogs we thought it was best for honey our spaniel to live with them and they loved her. It was best for her as much as we missed her with 2 children,jobs and life it was becoming harder to walk her etc. We still see her often and derry even makes me face time my mum just to see honey ha ha. With planning on moving we’d agreed once settled in we would look for a kitten to join our family. Id often be web searching and come across a kitten needing a home and beg mark but he was being sensible and said no ha ha if it was up to me id be the crazy cat lady now with 12 kittens ha ha.

So life carried on. Mark sadly lost his job with toys r us so moving just became out of reach again so we now decided to stay here for a few more years which I was gutted about but life happens.

We went on a family holiday for 2 weeks and when we returned I was feeling the holiday blues and my longing for a cat returned. I started doing my usual internet search and came across a ginger tabby female in our town for sale. She was absolutely stunning. The whole pet conversation had now become a family thing and corey to was dying to have his own pet. Derry is just an all around animal lover anyway so I took that as 3 against 1 vote on mark ha. She was however £200 and with his job loss we just coudnt spend that much on her. Id showed her picture to mark and he even said how gorgeous she was. We talked it through and decided against it. The next morning mark asked ” has that kitten gone?” I could I have cried ha ha I felt like she was already mine he said he couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I messaged them and offered £150 expecting a no, But it was a yes!FFFEBC11-21AB-4397-966D-625ECC58ED4F

We headed straight into the town center and brought everything we needed. My first call was pound land! I got everything from bowls, to litter trays, food and toys. I even got lucky with it being summer and brought some small garden toys like suttle cocks and bouncy balls for her to play with. Id also got puppy training mats incase from there and a kitten collar. Being completely honest I hadn’t expected to much from poundland. E028C76D-ABBA-4756-A32A-6261A69145CD

It was mark who suggested here, I thought maybe the odd toy. But the range was fabulous. The bowls we got were ceramic with a lovely pattern on and the cat toys have really lasted the strength of a playful kitten. I even got de- wormer and tick an flea spot on protection for her. She has played with every single toy from there and I will be heading there very soon for some new ones as she has chewed the hell out of them.

I also went to wilkisons that offered a great variety but honestly the pound land variety was a lot wider and for the money being £1 or less id try there first if your thinking of getting a pet. They even offer bird food etc. And its A POUND! cant go wrong really.  Ive also been in contact with poundland since and I have to say there customer service has been excellent.

So we were already for the arrival of the kitten. We had shown Corey the picture and asked him what shall we call her and out of the blue he said ” her names daisy” and we instantly loved it. So she became Daisy Doo Doo ha ha.

The morning came to go and pick her up and I went on my own and left mark with the kdis, we didn’t tell them I was going to get her and put them for a nap so we could let daisy get used to her new home child free for an hour. I loved her instantly she was beautiful , fluffy with gorgeous eyes she sat purring on me the whole way home.

I had imagined we would have a few difficult days of her crying at night but nope nothing, no problems at all. She used her tray straight and settled in. She loved to sleep inside our tops and the kids adapted great to her. 62768052-4187-4A90-84AF-B723750C7D13

We’ve had her around a month now and she’s doubled in size. She eats 2 meals a day of wet food and has dry biscuits down all day with her water. We also brought her a cat tree which she adores and plays and sleeps none stop in. Shes been the perfect cat so far. Ill be doing more post regards to cat ownership and top tips so watch out for them in the next few weeks.

Daisy doo has now become our 3rd child. And i’ve had 7 messages on my Instagram in 3 days just to tell me how beautiful she is! Which she is!!.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment on your pets story,





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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