Village Hotel Dudley

We visited and stayed at the village hotel Dudley in may 2017. We had a day out planned at Dudley zoo and this hotel seemed very close. On arrival it was literally a 5 minute walk from the zoo and can easily be walked to. Outside of the hotel is a kfc and other food resturants and I believe a cinema and Tesco.

I had done a google search and found the hotel which for a double room which had a double bed and a pull out double sofa for £60. I booked it and we were set to go.

9C3F98E9-2DA6-4E72-8CC5-1C8A424F12BC.jpegAfter visiting the zoo we arrived at the hotel around 2pm, our check in time wasn’t until 3 but we went in anyway and did a digital check in on there self service machine with the help of the greeter. The hotel inside and out was very clean and smart. The greeter whom obviously greeted us to state the obvious was very welcoming, polite and took the time to chat to us about our day.

We didn’t have to wait around at all and our key was given to us. We headed to our room in the lift and was very pleased with it. It was a lot bigger than I had expected with full bath and the bed I would say was a queen size. The sofa bed had already been made up with the bedding and we were really happy with it. It did however have a door connecting to another room which had other guests in which did make us feel abit uneasy, as when the guests in that room spoke it was like they were in the room with us. On our way in we’d called at kfc to eat in the room as the kids were exhausted so we all sat on the bed and ate.



The room also had a big tv in which I was also pleased about after being out all day the kids just wanted to relax and it kept them entertained for the evening. We all used the bath and had a really lovely quiet evening relaxing.  We settled down for bed and went to sleep. Around 10pm me and mark both woke boiling hot. The room had a fan in which we immediately plugged in, well tried to but it didn’t work. The window had a safety bar on so didn’t open very far. The kids were asleep but were dripping in sweat so we stripped them off and kept wiping them down with cold flannels. The guests in the connecting room had children also and were really loud and not considerate of us being in the next room at all. They spoke loudly with screaming and jumping around the room until at least 2.30am. Being completely honest they sounded very drunk and banged into our donnecting door twice waking derry.

Mark went down twice to the reception to ask someone about the heat and the next door but no one was around.  Me and mark sat up till around 4am due to the heat wiping the kids down and ourselves. Derry had fitted a few weeks before this due to her temperature and we were to worried to sleep. It wasn’t even hot weather it was the actual room. At 6am I went down myself to ask and was told I should have came down sooner which I explained I did but she didn’t seem to care and brushed me off, I felt she was very rude. On my back to the room I heard a man talking to another a man in the room next to his about how hot is was.

I got back to the room and the kids were awake. Corey felt unwell with a head ache and both had bright red cheeks. We had planned on using the restaurant and swimming pool and Corey was looking forward to the swimming the most. We asked him and he just wanted to go home he didn’t like the room and I knew that he must have been feeling really poorly to not want to swim. So we missed out on using the restaurant facility as well as swimming.

We left the hotel at 7am and caught the first train home. I was actually gutted. It put a real downer on our day out memory. Id even say ruined it. The hotel itself was lovely, clean and I was very happy with our room at first glance. However the ridiculous temperature made it impossible to sleep we all felt ill the next day especially Corey. Me and mark hadn’t slept at all. And the staff member whom I spoke to the following morning were so rude.

I would say if your planning on staying here request a fan before arriving or 3 and ask to not have a connecting room that is occupied by other guests.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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