Sun, Fun, BBQ’s & A Royal wedding

19th may 2018 was the big british wedding. Its all we’ve heard over news papers and TV. Harry finally got to marry his Princess Meghan in full view of the world. The weather couldn’t haven’t been better for them. The sun was shining and the sky was completely blue. Millions of people tunned in across the world to witness there marriage. I cant even imagine the nerves Meghan must have felt. The average bride has aload of pressure but to be marrying into the royal family, with the added press over her family and father on top. She must have been terrified I wonder if she’d had a quick shot of vodka for Dutch courage ha ha. I didn’t watch the event live as I was enjoying the sun myself, but I watched snippets later in the day and she looked stunning. I think harry could have had shave though ha ha. I thought the added gestures of her bouquet being from Diana’s garden and a seat being left open for her in the church were lovely. 9BB4BCD0-FBBA-4715-94AE-5F15D0DD7DBE.jpegCongratulations to them and I hope they live a very happy life together.

F74AE796-6BDB-4C40-B135-AA2D863A5F49.jpegI spent the day having a family BBQ at my mums house with all the family siblings ,nieces and nephews. It was a really lovely day. The kids played so well together and by the end of the day neighbours had also joined and the hot tub was rammed with children! Derry loved playing in the swimming pool she had the time of her the life splashing around. Corey also loved playing in the hot tub and having his cousins there made it extra fun for them.



We sat in the sun allday. The results of this are a very sore burnt back for me. I didn’t realise my top had a cut out in the back. so I sat all day applying sun cream to the kids every 30 minutes keeping them out the sun an totally burnt myself without knowing! I didn’t realise till we got home and by then blisters had already came out. I had a terrible sleep through the pain and today its even worse! But it was worth it for the fun we had.F5D38C8D-26A0-4AA8-9332-A17EFBE67FFF.jpeg

My mum had arranged it all and she always goes that extra mile for us all. Shes honestly the best mum and nan we could all wish for. She loves seeing us all happy especially the kids. My kids and all the kids adore her. She doesn’t stop pottering making sure everyone is having fun, enough food, enough drinks, cool enough, warm enough… ha ha She set up all the chairs and tables up. The pool for the kids, toys and car racing tracks made from house guttering pipes. I honestly adore her and i am so appreciative of everything she does for my little family.

We spent the day relaxing in the garden and watching the kids splashing around, having water fights that of course nanny got involved in ha ha.FE07C105-42C8-4F86-B2B3-D524279CC198.jpeg

The BBQ was lovely a whole a ray of meats that my step dad stood cooking even after he’d just worked a night shift.868C4FA3-2B31-487D-B037-CE81491FBAE6.jpeg

The sun was so hot I went inside the “bar” a building they had made at the bottom of the garden with a pool table and beers in. Its really quite big with sofas to relax on and music. I moved inside there with derry as she has gotten tired and hot, so I sat rocking her in there.EFAF3724-0F36-4659-BC34-9A1BF9B4C5DC.jpeg

Others then came in and we sat watching my brother, his friend and mark playing pool.18F89F6B-EB76-41BC-B8F2-365F23877C6B

I sat chatting with niece who has suddenly grown up over night and is turning 14! I feel so old! ha ha . It was a really loving day. Id started to get a head ache I think from being in the sun so long so we decided to head home. Corey of course tried to beg nanny to stay but there was no room in the inn that night haha Normally he would have stayed but she had extra guests for the night. I was glad he was coming home anyway as he had spent the whole day in the sun and I knew he was tired. Before we had even pulled out the street his head flopped forward and he was asleep. When we pulled up at home and woke him he sat completely confused at how we had got from nannys house to our house when the car hadn’t even moved according to him it was magic ha ha. Nothing to do with the 40 minute drive where he slept the whole time.

Everyone had a lovely day and were in bed early after our busy fun day.

How did your celebrate the royal wedding?


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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