Top 5 May Make-up Products

The weather we’ve been having this May has been ridiculously hot. In my home town we’ve been reaching temperatures of up to 29c which for England is really hot. Some places in India were reaching 50!!

Make-up is apart of my daily life, . of course if I’m lounging around the house I don’t bother with it but with 2 toddlers who need the outdoors there rarely is a day I don’t wear it. Even if its just abit of lip product

With it being so hot I’ve not gone full glam but I have been dabbing these essentials on daily.


Finding a foundation that isn’t going to slide off my face or become cakey in the heat has been a struggle going from brand to brand. I purchased this Rimmel Lasting Finish from my local boots just in the hope it may last like the name suggests. I have to be honest I didn’t think after using high end brands the drug store name but hold up,  but I had a complete surprise. Ive worn it daily in hot temperatures from running around the local parks with the kids to sun bathing in the garden, from 9am-5pm it has lasted!! No greasiness, sliding off or caking. The finish has been perfect and I have zero complaints! Its defiantly become my May favourite and I think ill still be using it come December!


With it being summer ive wanted a primer that gave me that summer glow. The no.7 skin illuminator has been my go to! Ive not only used it as a primer but on days where I didn’t want that foundation feeling ive used this instead. It gives a gorgeous simmer to my skin and that healthy summer glow. It can also be used as a liquid hightlighter on top of my foundation which I love. Ive been using this and the NYX born to glow. Both are liquid illuminators however the NYX is more of liquid highlighter rather than a full face product. Ive been using both daily even on my eye lids for an extra sparkle. They are both perfect for summer.

For my lips I’ve gone been going back and forward between 5 lip products, some days even mixing them together. The Calvin Klein lip pots are perfect pocket size to throw in my bags and glide on lovely. The NYX lip products if im honest have always been my favourites for any month! Im abit of a NYX lover and have at least 20 of there lip products. These give that perfect matte finish that I love and the lip balm has been the perfect lip moisturiser on hot days.


My last is obviously not a make up but it is what I put on before my make up and before my primer. I also put it on before bed every single night and I have used this since I was a teenager. Ive done the same routine for over 10 years. Nivea is my house hold brand for me and the kids, I put it on the kids even after bath time. Its perfect for keeping are skin soft and hydrated and I think ill forever recommend and use it!

there my top 5, Whats your turn to make-up?


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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