Sibling rivalry

Growing up with my brothers there was a lot of arguing and bickering. I have 2 elder brothers mark 39 and david 35 . The age gap between me and them was large as im only 27 but they were close in age . I don’t have very much memory of my eldest brother growing although we lived together he was a lot older than me so we just were at different stages in life. I was going to school and he was already established into a working adult life. I remember small memories like playing football together and the odd holiday memory. But he was off doing his own thing and we got on well together. My other brother david and I never got on, he was always made to take me out with him and his friends and he hated me for it. Id tag along on his paper rounds and beg my parents to make him take me out everywhere and he just hated it , what teenager boy wants to drag there little sister everywhere poor boy ha ha. We’d argue so much, he always called me a “baby” and I loathed it. He would whisper it so no one else heard and it would infuriate me, id often be sat next to him on the sofa while he quietly watched TV and id scream out in pain saying he had hit me so he’d get in trouble, I think back now and feel so guilty poor dave ha ha. But we just never got on I would even say and he probably would agree that we hated each other when we were younger. It must have drove my parents mad.

Now we are older the age gap doesn’t seem as big and we get on fine for the most part. We all have our own lives and families but see each other often and all our children are close. Me and mark are more closer than I am to dave not that im not close to dave just me and mark have a different bond and I tell mark everything really and him me.

I always hoped my children wouldn’t argue or bicker like me and dave had. I didn’t want to be the mum saying things like “if I have to pull this car over youll walk home!” ha ha. They are currently 4 & 2 and for the most part have been loving to each other and got on well. Corey didn’t like derry when we first brought her home but after a few weeks he was attached. These past few months however its like a switch has flipped. They will fight to the death over oxygen!! I don’t know what has happened. They can be sitting lovely and one will sneeze and the other will go into a fit of rage that the other sneezed!!

Slightly exaggerated but that is how its going. They fight over toys, books, whos got more blanket, whos having breakfast first, whos bloody spoon or fork it is! Its actually driving me mad. Corey has suddenly developed an attitude towards derry where if shes playing with a car and she pretends to make it fly, he cant stand it and shouts “cars don’t fly they drive”. Its like shes actually is grating on his nerves every second of the day. I have become that mum that says ” stop fighting stop arguing stop itttt” and if I drove a car I’d have definitely have said the if I pull this car over phrase by now. Ha ha

Ive tried talking to them about being kind and about how to treat each other. Ive read stories about brothers and sisters. But the bickering is none stop ….

My point to this post was HELP!!!!

Do your siblings fight?, How do you tackle it? Any advice? please comment below anything that can help us tackle the sibling rivalry stage!!! Before I lose my will to live and sanity.




Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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