Siesta Holiday Review

Seista holiday is a holidaying company whom offer an alternative to flying abroad and use coach travel instead. Offering holidays to spain and the south of france aswell as short trips to Disneyland paris. There accommodation is either on a campsite or within a hotel. You can also make your own travel arrangements and stay within there accommodations. This also can work out a lot cheaper than flying especially in a larger group. There accommodation offers a variety of caravans, tents and lodges to fit in with your budget.

The coach travels pick up from many destinations within the UK and Scotland and travels through the euro tunnel or ferry into france. There coaches claim to offer great comfort for the long haul travel. They have reclining seating, personal TV with 100s of films and music for each person, and USB chargers built in within the seating for easy electronic charging i.e phones and tablets. Also with free wifi on board. With an on board hostess serving drinks and food through out the travel at reasonable prices. The coach also does stops throughout for stretching your legs, using the toilet and purchasing food etc from the service stations. There is a small toilet on board.

My Experience

On the 3rd april 2018 myself and family consisting of 8 adults and 5 children arrived at our pick up point within plenty of time. We were due to be picked up at 10.30am and so we waited with another family whom were travelling with siesta also. At 11am the coach still hadn’t arrived so we phoned the number we had been given. The drivers mate answered and said they didn’t no why we were given that time as they were still 30 minutes away. By now everyone was freezing and we’d lucky brought blankets so we all wrapped in them and waited.C66CDA0D-333F-4A23-B0AF-6518FAEF35E3.jpeg

The coach finally arrived and we were rushed onto the seating. I had to attach my babies car seat and was still doing this when the driver pulled off. It left me and my partner rushing to get myself and kids buckled in. The beginning of the travel was great. The seating was smaller than we had thought and didn’t recline as much as the picture insinuated and if we did lie it back it was on the next person knees so couldn’t be used. I have to be honest and say the driver was quite rude to us as we got on the coach and didn’t greet us warmly and was very rough with loading our bags. The hostess also was very cold towards our whole party and we all felt it.7F85BBA4-65AA-4897-A705-BFC2FABB5E72.jpeg

We did arrived an hour before our euro tunnel time so did manage to get an earlier train. The wifi on board wasn’t great and it froze and didn’t really work for any of us. The travel itself was quite hard. No one managed to sleep at all the odd 30 minutes here and there. During the night we felt the driver drove really fast and at times we were scared especially on the way back to England. The children coped well considering it was 24 hours of travelling. But I wouldn’t recommend doing it with any child under 5. The food that was offered wasn’t great and was heated up in the microwave. The toilet is also very small where by the door pushed on your knees when sitting.

The drivers changed in the middle of the night and we felt that these drivers were much more friendly and engaging over the inter com and drove a lot safer. we finally arrived at our campsite the next morning at around 9.30. We were greeted by the siesta camp reps and they seemed quite friendly, there was no waiting around and we were taken straight to our caravans.

We stayed on the Camping tucan site which is a smaller site compared to the others they offer. The pool area was nice and clean and while there they were giving the whole place a lick of paint ready for the height of season as we’d come in april. I have to say though we didn’t get to use the pooling area much as the water was ice cold even on hotter days. The children could splash around but no of us adults could use the pool it really was ice cold. The children’s pool is nice with the slides and play area.

They also have 2 water shoots that are situated away from the pool to the side which the kids used a lot. The seating is nice around the pool with loungers and tables at the bar. The bar offers great food and we ate from here many times.

The pool and bar staff were also lovely and really friendly. They have childrens rep entertainers who also were lovely and interacted with the kids involving them in dancing and offered a nightly disco.CF2010AA-E34C-4908-84C6-AAC2048ACB57.jpeg

Our caravan was very clean and big. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We had to pay a £50 cleaning deposit that was returned to use if the caravan was handed back clean at the end of our stay. The van also had heating and air con which was great as the mornings and nights were really cold. A few nights I had to sleep myself and the children in jackets aswell as 4 blankets.

A big problem we and our whole row had were either squirrels or rats running over the roofs all night. It actually drove me crazy. We were told it was rats by other holidaying families who had asked to be relocated. We were a big party and so we didn’t want to be moved away from each other so put up with it. They scratched and banged on the roofing every night. We also had cats underneath whom meowed and screeched often and scared my children through the night. We also had a mega block in all our pipe works and twice and engineer had to come out and work all day on it.  One rep who I wont name was drunk daily. He came to our caravan stinking of alcohol and was clearly drunk. We saw him like this daily and he vented to us how he disliked his job a lot so drank while working.

Overall the camping toucan was a nice site. Needs abit of money spent on it to revamp it up and give it a new look.  The rat and cat problem also needs addressing badly. But in the height of season this may not be a problem as temperatures were still low when we went so they may move off during the hotter weather. But I can see the site being full of life in higher season.A2257E97-44A4-4ED1-9505-A49A0E3928D3

We all really didn’t look forward to the travel home. Myself and mums legs had swelled up from the travelling to and did happen again travelling back. One thing I will say is the hostess and drivers were really lovely travelling home. They interacted with the coachers on the intercom and the hostess was really talk active and friendly. However the actual travel was just as gruelling as going and we did feel that driving in france and spain the drivers did drive way to fast and at times were scary.

I had fallen asleep and when I woke had really bad pain in my leg and the seat belt had dug into my leg and cut the circulation off leaving me a major bruise down my thigh. We were all so glad to be back and off the coach. It was such a long travel.

Would I recommend travelling with Seista coach travel? No, it was long, gruelling and very uncomfortable. Yes they stop and yes they offer on board entertainment but it doesn’t change the fact it is 24 hours sitting in the same stop. I would never use the coach option again. EVER ha ha

Camping toucan I would return to if the problems were sorted.

My family who also travelled wouldn’t ever consider siesta coach travel either.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. my family would travel with siesta holidays because there a good company the reason why I asked what drivers and hostesses did u have is because I know every coach driver in blue shirt and every hostess and some drivers in white shirt


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