Fisher Price Blaze transforming Blaze Jet

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So im going to do this review abit different. This review is all Corey. His opinions and his review. So I sat with him and asked to tell the story of how blaze came to live with us and  what he thought. My input will be in Red the rest is all coreys whos 4 own words so do bare with him.  Off you go my boy the floor is yours…..

Blaze is my favourite toy ever. This blaze is my best one. We used to stick lolly sticks to my other blazes with hair Bobbles to make wings didn’t we mum? Yes we did and it drove me crazy daily. BE25CDDE-47FF-4D56-9466-E9193A221D0A

Daddy found this one on his kindle and we ordered it from the shops with dads pennies. The man brought it after one sleep. I couldn’t wait could I mummy? He woke me at 5am with the excitement knowing blaze was arriving that day I was over the moon at the wake up call, sarcasm.

He came and he was so cool. He talks to we didn’t know he was going to talk. He says ” lets blaze, blazing speed, oh yeah, and lots more. He has a button on his front that I can press to make him talk. And when I lift him like this, he talks on his own.


When I lift him up his jet wings fly out like magic! My mummy is putting pictures for you to see me cus I cant do it on my own can I mum? No buddy but your doing great.


When I put blaze back down from flying his wings go back in all by themselves. That is magic aint it mum? Yep, so what do you think of him?

I think blaze jet is the bestest blaze cus he can be to 2 different blazes like magic. He can fly ready for the monster dome race. And he can drive like in the animal island. He talks aswell so hes very exciting. I play with him everyday. I like blaze a lot don’t I mummy? yep you do buddy. So shall I write some stuff now?  yeah cus ive said all the exciting bits you write the boring bits now ok. We are a good team aint we not like crusher.


Corey does have 1 negative point he wanted to add which he says daily so listen up fisher price – ” the seats don’t have an AJ why cant an AJ come with the blaze toys I like to have him sitting in the seat”…

As his mummy I everyday have to attach a small figure (usually fireman sam) into the seat with an elastic band so please fisher price bring out a small AJ figure that can sit in the chairs.


So that was coreys review. Now ill give the adult version.

I actually think this particular blaze is excellent. As corey said the wings automatically pop out when the toy is lifted up in the air, controlled by suspension back wheels. And once put back down on a hard service the wings pop back in. The blaze also says a lot of different phrases. These start automatically if the car is lifted or tilted. It also has a button the dash board to say phrases. I havnt actually sat and counted but id say it says around 15 different things. And when those phrases become to much there is a off switch under neath, THANK YOU fisher price for the off switch ha ha.

For any big blaze fans out there this would make a great toy. Since getting it corey has none stop played with it. we have the one negative which isn’t really towards the toy more a request from fisher price to save my mothers sanity.

Its a great toy and a great addition to our blaze collection.

We did a good review didn’t we mummy? We did my boy team work makes the dream work.



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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