Kindle Fire 7 Tablet Review

Heres the link – //

The kindle fire 7 tablet is an amazingly priced tablet. We have 2 in our household and it was the first tablet we purchased. They retail on amazon for around £40 for the smaller screen and storage size. They are also a great first tablet for children/teenagers or adults . They offer app download for all the lastest social media apps like facebook, twitter , instagran, Netflix and youtube.

The tablet allows internet access and has a reasonable quality camera on the back and front. Its thin , light weight and comes in a variety of colours. We own a blue and red.

Corey whom at the time of purchase was 3 and he would often ask his dad if he could watch a film on the original one we had had for a few years. So at Christmas we decided it would make a great Christmas present.

When the tablet arrived I was actually really surprised as it was the newer version and was a lot thinner than our originally. It was also a lot lighter. And had ALEXA!!
I set up a childrens profile that will only allows access to the apps I agree. There is a web rocket icon in the kids section. This will only allow access to child friendly viewing. So if I tried to search facebook in this profile it wouldn’t work.

It will also ask permission from me with my password if he tries to access something I havnt pre approved. Corey knows how to access games, videos and songs through his own app. Netflix also gives the option for a childs profile so I know while viewing he cant access horror movies for example.

We have taught corey as he cant read or write yet to say “alexa , play ….” and it brings up his program which I think is absolutely brilliant for young children. He also has great fun with the camera and it gives us a laugh as adults going through looking at all his candid photos. Its also a great learning tool with plenty of games for him. Since having hes learnt all his ABC letters and derry who is 2 has learnt all her colours. All thanks to the kindle.

I think these tablets are amazing and I would highly recommend especially to any parent who are considering one for a present. They are great value for one and do exactly the same as an ipad £300 or £40, I know which ill be choosing.

I would recommend setting up tablet time in your household like 1 hour a day. We do 30 minutes game time which they don’t see as learning but I make it educational games and then at night they are allowed 1 hour screen time. This stops the tablet becoming addictive and if you start it from the beginning they will know no different.

The tablets are also great for travelling. Highly recommend.


Heres the link for the tablet –  //

Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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