OBaby ZeZu Tandem Pushchair

In 2016 we had found out we were pregnant with our baby girl. Corey was 22 months and no where near ready to be out his pushchair. Especially for long walks or coming home from nursery. I knew id need a double. With getting the bus often I couldn’t go for a side by side and really didnt want one, I felt it would limit me getting into shops and even my own front door. I took to google and came across the Obaby. I loved the look of it and it came in a range of colours. A tandem kit was separate to buy but this came with the extra seat and a buggy board.

I thought this desing would be great as it not only fitted for corey growing but the actual pushchair can be converted in to a lie down carry cot for a newborn then this went into the seat for the growing stages. The chair can forward face or parent facing.  Coreys chair also came with pushchair straps. So we ordered from mother care. I went for red with polka dot hood. I believe we paid £500 in total for the kit also. We waited till derry was around a month old to use as she went everywhere in her car seat and corey used the pushchair we had, but the time came for needing it .

When it came I was over the moon with it. The seating fitted on perfectly easy into the ready made frame. The wheels just click on and it was built within minutes.

Corey was so excited to get his ” big boy” seat and proud!. Derry went in perfectly and it became my life saver. I used it every day daily for all the nursery runs,  shops and for everywhere!

Considering it was a tandem it was actually compact and very light. The rain cover that came with the kit covered over the pushchair frame and over coreys chair aswell. The mud guards prevent corey getting dirty being lower down to the ground.

The negatives we did have were his feet went into what would have been the basket under the pushchair. That is the only place for his feet so I couldn’t use this for storage but it didn’t bother me. However a few times he fell asleep while out once actually in a main round crossing over and his feet flopped down through the small gap from seat to basket and I trapped his foot. He screamed out and traffic had to stop I actual thought we had broken his ankle. At this point we decided the foot step was the better option as he was way old enough to stand now.

Ive used it now everyday for 2 years and it has been my absolute life saver. The chair corey sat in didn’t recline at all but that was never a problem for us.  Derrys chair reclines a lot so she can be lying completely flat or at any angle.

It is very easy to take the covering off and wash. Especially when covered in ice cream!!513A78D0-3DF6-441D-B7A7-620CF7C7D274.jpeg

The carry cot comes with a foam section that softened the backing for a newborn. I cant rave enough about this pushchair. We only use it now for long distance as coreys 4 and walks everywhere. This pushchair has with standed daily usage, bumped up 2 flights of stairs a day, its been to haven, Skegness 3 times, farms, zoos and spain its very very durable!. And by the looks of it very comfortable haha.

Another thing I will say that may be a negative for those with small car boots. When folded the carrying cot has to be taken off for the frame to be folded so it can take up quite a lot of room and is bulky when folded.

But it has honestly saved so much hassle for me having 2 under 2 at the time. We rarely use a pushchair now only for things like the zoo but id buy this a thousand times over for how much its fitted our family and the childrens growth.

We 100% recommend.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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    1. Have you what colour did you go for?It’s been an absolute life saver for me! I don’t no how I’d have managed without it. I’ve found it amazing using the chair and then being able to swap to the board. I’d recommend it to anyone!x

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