Reviewing Coco Disney Movie

In our house hold we are MASSIVE Disney fans. All things Disney. Ive been to Disneyland about 10 times during my child hood. We have Disney on daily in the house. Disney toys fill the kids bedrooms and last month we went to watch Disney on ice. We must have watched every Disney film, well definatly have watched any that came out in the last 4 years! Disney Pixar is Coreys favourite and he even has a Disney cars themed bedroom right down to the carpet.

A44F9D0A-CF8E-4570-9317-BAA20FF5B11C.jpegWe were kindly sent this DVD for reviewing which we were over the moon about. It arrived this morning and the packaging was ripped off by 2 excited children!

We set it all up and the whole family sat to watch together. That is something I do really love about Disney films they are something the whole family can watch its not just for a certain age group.

Coco is a tale filled with family fun and adventure. The leading character is Miguel who is a young musician who embarks on an journey through a magical land meeting his ancestors. Miguel is the great great grandson of Imelda who years before her husband had left her and her 3 year old daughter coco to pursue his dream in music, but when he fail to return she banished music from there home.

Miguel wants to become a musician just like the late Ernest de la cruz whom he watches on the tv. He later knocks a picture off and finds a picture of his grandfather holding Ernest de la cruzs guitar! But the head is torn off his grandfather. So Miguel goes in search for answers. He finds the guitar in museum during the night and she plays the strings. By magic he accidently gets transported to the land of dead!…. once a year the dead come to our land to visit but Miguel visits them by mistake!!F249DB76-AE8A-4F9A-925E-798161C5EA90.jpeg

I wont give a full run down of the whole movie ill let you watch it for yourself but it really is a fab funny movie it gives a whole new take on death. My children are 2&4 and we laughed the whole way through. Corey loved Dantes the dogs antics with the bones of the dead. He was belly laughing all the way through. 57F339EE-9D0B-47F7-8884-055A4A785BFE.png

Its a real magically film. With a heart warming ending. There are a few adulting points I’d make so yes it’s about death but it’s not gruesome or horrifying at all. My kids don’t even no what death is so to them this was just a fun film. I had thought it might bring up some questions of death but it didn’t at all. If you like Disney films you’ll love it!

We as the adults also really enjoyed the whole film. Corey doesn’t usually sit for a whole film but this one he didn’t turn away once. Derry being abit younger also really enjoyed it especially the music and dancing.F6000E74-F722-4B4C-B26C-AB36A2FAF50B.png

We would highly recommend COCO!!!

Thank you Disney


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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