A lesson learnt.

Today I learnt a big lesson. Don’t trust everyone. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Not everyone has a heart like yours. Don’t let others  fake kindness fool you into trusting them, and believing what they say to you is the truth.

Today was big shock for me of how a person can tell you one thing but do the complete opposite. A friend I trusted felt like me blogging was a threat to them. Me enjoying blogging some how effected them. They felt this so strongly they went completely out there way to try and destroy something I am enjoying. They accessed my social media and tried to destroy it. They tried to discredit me as a blogger. They tried to make it so brands thought I was untrustworthy or a fraud. They did all this from there own computer whilst telling me that there advice was best. I am a kind person I take people how they treat me, and I was probably naïve to how some people don’t have the same morals as myself.

Today I learnt how harsh and sole consuming social media can be. When I saw and realised what this person had done I felt absolute panic. Panic that I would be witch hunted on social media, that the relationships I have built with companies who trusted me would be broke, and that I had to stop doing what I had enjoyed so much. Its actually crazy how the internet has become a whole separate world to our actual lives. Like living a double life. When all I had to do to stop my panic was close the laptop, cut myself off from this other world. Social media is an amazing platform to build a company, a friendship or whatever your goal is. But it can also be a dark place where people feel untouchable or untraceable. They can hide behind a screen and with one click destroy the world another person has worked hard on building. Its scary putting your trust in an unknown world. Once its written its there for anyone to find or take.

Today I learnt breaks from social media are essential. Not to be naïve and believe that the person I am putting trust in is working with me when in fact they are working against me. Keep my moves to myself. At many points today I considering closing my blog, Facebook and Instagram . To close the door on the world that was causing me so much panic and stress. In fact through the day I did. But then I remembered the reason why I had started all this, and the reason was me! Why should I let that one person or 2 however many of you it took to ruin something I love. Something I have worked on for myself and my little family. I then re opened my laptop and carried on working fixing the mess the person had made.

I reached out to the companies whom trusted me to apologise, I corrected the wrongs the person had made and I started writing.

You made the mistake of trying to bring me down, trying to ruin something I love. You have lost a good friend I am loyal I am kind and I am trustworthy. Its your loss not mine. I thank you for the life lesson.

In the future I will remember all these lessons and wont make the same mistake twice. I wrote this blog post to remind myself of all those things. And for anyone who is feeling the pressure of social media platforms, close the screen down, put your phone in the draw. If you dont read it, see it, does it really exist? Its a fake second world that you can choose to be or not . Be careful of whom you trust and who you befriend. Jealousy is an awful trait. Mentally noted.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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