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Be kind Always

This isn’t really a blog post as such more a written down mental note. A reminder to myself and others the world isn’t yours. Every single person is dealing with there own life problems.

A smile or frown is not always a representation of how a human is feeling.

That stranger who banged into you and didn’t apologise could have just lost his wife and his mind is consumed in her memory.

The lady who didn’t smile back at you in the supermarket, could be consumed in Calculating her bills mentally to see what is left over to feed her children.

You don’t know what they are struggling through…

Everyone is struggle in their own way. Life is never perfect. Smile at that stranger and forgive those that don’t smile back. We are all here doing the best we can.

I mentally noted this today as a person was rude to me and I took it to heart when in fact they were just given devastating news…

Be kind always, you never know the struggle a person is going through.





2 thoughts on “Be kind Always”

  1. I too use mental notes as a way of helping my writing. They are jotted down anywhere from my phone to any nearest paper.
    I must agree that “be kind always” does goes a long way. Its always the never knowing that can make a big difference. For we are not meant to know everything about everyone, especially when having an encounter with a stranger. But if we are always kind, we can make a big difference in someone life. And most times that small act of kindness will go a long way. It can change a person life without the person ever knowing.

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