Parent Guilt!?

Parenting guilt? Have you ever felt so guilty over your parenting actions?

The smallest of things can trigger it not enough veg in one week, not read enough books, let them watch to much tv, had a takeaway instead of steamed salmon with whole wheat organic lactose vegetarian friendly rice!! Like literally wtf ?

Why do we feel so guilty over such silly things. Like not having carrots with that dinner will impact the person they will grow into. Im sure 30 year old corey will say “mum you not giving me carrots on 14th jan 2017 at 5.20pm stunted my growth and I definitely wouldn’t have been a decent human if you hadn’t read me those 6 books in day…

But we still do it, we still feel guilt over the choices we are making for another human life. I barely keep myself alive let alone 2 kids I say the stupiest of things that seem logical to me at the time that im constantly ripped apart by my family in banter for. So how I am supposed to know my decisions im making are the right ones. I no one because ive kept them alive ha ha & they are healthy happy children as long as they have fully tummys, a warm cosy home, clean clothes, and a happy life that I strive for daily then what more can we do as a parent.

Just because Brendan down the road only uses organic food, shops at waitrose and goes on a daily hike with the kids up mount Everest doesn’t mean you should feel guilty your doing a fish finger dinner with smiley faces and havnt been out the house in 3 days. Your children will grow into the people they strive to be regardless. Brendans son could end up in prison while yours becomes a bank manager.

We feel guilty about not spending enough money on them, enough presents for a birthday or days out. Who the fuck cares!! If your children are smiling during the day and getting the quality of life they deserve why are you feeling so guilty!?

I do it to myself all the time. Sometimes I have to seriously remind myself its not a competition im not competing with that image of an angel mother I put in my own mind. None of us know what were doing whether your a new mother or have 5 kids. We are all in the same boat paddling the same way. Some hit rocks along the way but they carry on trying to reach the end goal of raising a decent human into the world.  I loose my shit I shout, I moan I feed my kids quick meals, I even use the tv as a parenting tool on days where they have ripped my insanity from me… But I know in myself im a fantastic mother because I just know im doing my best. We eat veg, we take long walks, we have days out,we read books ,we laugh ALOT, but not everyday is a fairy tale and we as parents shouldn’t feel that guilt. We are all doing our best. And I know when my children are grown and old deciding what home to stick me 😉 (little joke for you there mother watch your back 😉 ) they will say ” you did your best you did a great job and we thank you for the life you gave us”.

Lay off yourself, your doing great, your doing your best….

And when Brenda starts to tell you how they shouldn’t be eating those chicken nugget tell her to fuck off! lol x



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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