Baylis & Harding Sport Gift set

With fathers day coming up Ive been on the search for a great present. Not just for my partner but my step dad to. So when Baylis and Harding reached out and sent there sport gift set to review I was over the moon. When it arrived I was even happier when I saw it. Baylis and harding are well known for there affordable luxury products. They are something I have always grown up around. Being luxurious and reasonably priced is the reason why many do love it.


The gift bag in itself is a present on its own! The quality its beautiful. With its leather finishes to each end it really gives that luxury feeling.B82D5557-543B-4379-86FC-DCF3F8D686FA.jpeg

My step dad works away all week so a wash bag is the perfect gift for him to keep his bits and pieces in. Its a really good sized bag and the finishing touches of the sport theme are lovely. The bag defiantly has plenty room in for all the products you could need for home or travelling this summer.

Inside the wash bag are 4 products which are all perfect for travel.

The first one is a Citrus lime & Mint shower gel – This is a clear gel and smells AMAZING. It doesn’t have a fruity smell like the scent suggests more an after shave scent and is very light and glides over the skin lovely. It lathes up nicely with only a small amount needed. DCC72F98-F69E-4D99-8808-8789AB7344AB.jpeg

The second is in the same scent but the smell is totally different the mint is way more prominent and smells gorgeous!! This one is a hair and body wash. I can Guarantee this will leave you feeling so fresh and smelling it too!


The third is a face wash and is the same scent but with less mint scent to me anyway but still smells gorgeous.04C38284-9089-4C4E-AC46-A7E5823A4072.jpeg

And lastly is the aftershave balm which is white and smooth’s over the skin clear and is also in the same scent but to me this smells like the first with the after shave fragrance. 7D67D89F-AF75-4CF4-857E-089338C81CF2

A males view – Mark said he often feels abit girly having a wash bag but this one he would happily use. He loves the colouring and the leather touches. All the product inside he also loved the scents off and would use daily .

This product would be perfect for a fathers day gift or just as a treat for yourself!

Heres a link where to buy




Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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