Foreo UFO Mini Review AD

If you havnt heard of FOREO then you’ve been living under a rock. Foreo rocked the beauty & skin care community with their UFO aka Your Future Obsession device early this year. It is a hand held facial device that is packed full of technology producing a high quality spa result within 90 seconds.

FOREO claim it is the best Swedish beauty technology paired with Korean mask expertise.

The device has 3 LED lights through the 90 seconds which all target there own skin care issue RED is for demising signs of aging while stimulating collagen production, GREEN brightens your complexions and evens out the skin tone, and BLUE kills acne causing bacteria and stimulates blood circulation. Heating Theromthearpy plus T-sonic pulsations boost the skins absorption of the UFO-activiated masks ingredients.  All this is to replace the traditional sheet masks that have the awful looking holes cut out, that don’t fit any face size, is uncomfortable to “wear” and I say “wear” but it slides all over the place and is slimy AF.

The device also connects to an android or apple device for added user experience. The user scans through the app the back of the mask packet and the device will automatically syn to corresponding treatment. WHAT?! The future has arrived!

Foreos Paul Peros CEO claims that  ” Foreo boldly pushed the boundaries of what a comsumer should expect from their at-home skincare solutions. With UFO mini, weve only added to that accessibility an at the same tie set a new benchmark for our industry, in 90 short seconds our customers can reap the same beauty benefits that we’ve previously been told cost thousands of dollars and all in the comfort of their own homes”

So with all that being said they are now bringing out there new UFO MINI, a smaller, slimmer verison of the original.

The difference is in size obviously but also the range of compatible UFO masks is smaller. As of writing my review the product isn’t on sale yet but will be £159 compared to the full size £249 which can be purchased from retails such as Cult beauty & Selfridges. As of yet they are yet to release merchants for the newer model.


I received the Foreo mini in the post on Friday and I couldn’t wait to use it id heard so much about the UFO original and being a skin care addict I was beyond excited. I waited till the Saturday to open it up and charge. The mini came with device, the stand, the Make my day mask, and the USB charger cable. 

I charged it up and downloaded the free app to my iPhone. The app asks a few question to establish what skin type and life style I have. It was really easy to set up and pair with the device.

On Saturday night I decided after my bath to give it a go. The mask is placed over the top and clipped into place with the plastic ring.

The mask felt so cool and full of product. I paired my device up and it brings up a screen to scan the back of the mask packet. The device then knows exactly which mask is being used . When you are all ready you press the start and a timer then comes on screen and prepares you for the starting of the device.

The device displayed the RED led lighting and I began to smooth over my face. I was really surprised at how nice it felt. The device gives off a heat which felt lovely. I was actually surprised it heated up so quickly and to a hotter temperature than I had expected. I don’t no why I thought the light was to represent heat not give off an actual heat. I then had it on my face so I didn’t actually see the lighting change from green to blue whilst using but I felt the difference as it then started to vibrate and this also a nice sensation.

I smoothed it over my whole face and neck. The vibrating then changed to a different tempo and began to trail off. I actually repeated it 3 times because I still had plenty product left on the sheet and I really liked it. I wanted to give myself the full experience.  The Fragrance was also lovely it wasn’t a chemical scent or over powering at all. Once your finished you discard the mask and wash the whole thing under the water.

Did I notice a change in my skin?

I have to say I actually did straight away it felt so smooth and slightly tightened especially over my cheeks where my pores are more prominent. The next morning I really noticed how soft my skin felt. The actual masks are brought separate and I cant wait to buy more.

That was the only down side for me was that it only came with one mask and I would have loved to do it again a few days later to see if I noticed further change but I can purchase them at a later date.

Im abit skin care obsessed and ive done the same skin care routine since I was a teenager but obviously upgraded the products and sheet masks are something ive always done. I can honestly say I will be binning off the sheet masks and using FOREO from now on. In the 20 -30 minutes ive sat with a sheet mask on looking like im an extra to a horror film, the UFO has done a better job in 90 seconds!

I would recommend this product especially if your into your skin care or make up products.


Check out my Instagram for updated pictures and @Foreo_UK


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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