I Am Me My Own Niche.

Breaking into the blogging world wasn’t something I had thought about. I started my blog for myself and just a way of writing and documenting daily life and thoughts. A way for me to look back and for others to have an insight into my family life. I hadn’t started it expecting anything from it other than building myself confidence and striking down my anxiety. I just started it solely for me. I had no idea what the blogging world held or how big it actually was! But wow the blogging community is like a whole other world and its huge. I hadn’t realised how many individuals actually blogged or vlogged. Now im within the world even a slight fraction of the millions I can see how hard it is to get into and actually how hard going it is. Within a month ive had accounts hacked, money taken and trolls. I just hadnt expected anything to come of it at all. Coming into this I had no idea what to expect I had no idea people would read my words, companies would contact me, send me parcels and invite me places. Its actually scary!

Another thing ive found a struggle well not a struggle just part of the journey is finding my own niche and identity as a blogger. Who am I? Am I a parenting blogger, lifestyle or beauty. This was something I hadn’t thought about at all. I just wanted to write what I wanted to write. I wanted to photograph what I wanted to. I still don’t know where I fit in. I love involving the kids in reviewing products or days out and documenting our lives, but I also love my make up and home decorating, i like writing down thougths and feelings even if im just rambling on. I think ive decided my blog is mine. I will be whoever I want to be? I don’t want to be put into one category or niche of blogger. My blogging name is obviously life with 2 tots but this is the name ive had for over a year on Instagram so I decided to go with this. But with that I want my blog to about the things I love not just about child related posts.

While reasearching about blogs I realised how big the world of blogging was and how hard it can be to find one little blog. I hadn’t intended to write for the sole purpose of a reader and to be honest i hadn’t thought about readers or how I was now open to readers with opinions but the readers were coming to my blog without me pushing them, they arrived on there own. In a 2 week space id had over 2500 visitors and it made me feel abit panicked and pressured to write what they wanted to read or to try find what they wanted to read.  Even now I know im writing this and just rambling and thinking why would anyone want to read your mental thoughts? But its my blog? My space to write what I want and at this moment in time im feeling like a ramble ha ha.

As ive researched more into blogging ive come to see that blogging is a lot harder than id expected it takes a lot of work to make your blog known or to reach a bigger audience if that is what i even want. Do i want to be known or hide in my little corner?  But mentally for me its been abit of an eye opener. Ive wrote down personal experiences like my cancer post for my nan which then that day brought on a lot of sadness for me but when I had started writing I hadn’t intended to bring that emotion out of myself.

Ive realised it can come with pressure, I hadn’t expected big brands to reach out or to want my opinions, so on them days I felt pressured to write the posts or take the correct pictures. I was worried id say something wrong in the posts or I wouldn’t be professional enough. Ive decided to just be me. I will write how I do i’ll add in my little jokes with my bad humour and if a company decides that im not the right blogger for them in the future then that’s ok because I was myself and I wrote as me and not a person I am not. Rambling here again I know.

I am loving blogging and writing im also finding it so therapeutic for myself and my anxiety its like pouring your emotions out, your mental thoughts all coming out and its off loading. Im really enjoying it and ive decided if no one reads it,  it doesn’t matter I enjoyed it that’s all that matters which is the reason I started this blog, for me.  Mental note is that My blog is mine and I write for me. And if a company or whoever wanted to collab or involve me in there project then that is fab and added bonus of blogging, but it is not my goal or aim.

I am a parent who loves to wear make up who loves to try anything new and jump in muddy puddles. I love to decorate and arrange my home with fluffy pillows and candles. I love to read and write. I love to travel. I love having fun with the kids exploring new adventures, I am myself and I am blogging for me and I don’t fit into a niche or category. My blog is unique in the fact it is me typing my thoughts and my pictures. I am Natalie – Life with 2 tots.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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