Yay glossy box day!! Always a good day when your little treats arrive in the box. Ive mentioned before but ill say again I LOVE GLOSSYBOX! Ive been getting glossybox for a year or so now and i always look forward to opening it to see what goodies have came. Some months are good and others are better. I always end up using every item at some point and it just add to my chaos of a make up/ beauty hoard. I think i may have a problem ha ha .

So last months was good and the extra karl Lagerfeld box was beyond my favourite box of all time amazing collab there glossy! This months is june and I LOVE IT! Its honestly like glossy have a secret camera in my house because i always get a product ive thought about its so weird! ha ha Spying on me glossy? Ellenor? ha ha

The box arrived today and i ripped it open like a happy shopper. Anyone else who gets the box when you open it do you always have a gorg fragrance coming out the box? It always smells lovely even if it contains all unscented products cant be just me?

So inside the first product that jumped out at me was the razor! What a faboulous invention the razor is! I don’t know what my beastly bear back haired legs would do without a razor! Those bad boys are shaven like a babies bum!! TMI ha ha

It was the Wilkinson sword intuition f.a.b. razor. RRP £12 in bright glorious pink. The weird thing is no word of a lie i said to my partner this morning im popping the shop later for a razor? Seriously though glossy are you in my house? ha ha  I love that this is in the box also full size and in some snazzy packaging. I also love the razor blades that have the gel on which this does so im looking forward to silky smooth legs later.

Do you ever say a sentence and think ” that’s a sentence i didn’t think id say” ha ha.

The next thing i grabbed out was the Laritzy cosmetics shade stix. Now im abit of a contouring virgin. I mean i do contour but im always abit nervous about looking orange or like the terminator ha! But i do contour when im going somewhere other than the local shop. This shade did make me nervous but ive now done the full glam just for the purpose of using the stix and i love it!!! I blended it out with a brush and it is so creamy an doesn’t give off that umper lumper look. Id even use this in my daily slap on make up routine for that extra glow. I really like it. RRP £18 full sized.

Next was the NIP+FAB glycolic scrub fix. I used this before my make up to wash my face and the smell was the first thing that stood out,  it smelt gorg like grape fruits i loved the smell. I just checked and its grapefruit scent that would explain why it smelt like that then durrr ha ha. It wasn’t overly gritting or bitting (are they the same thing?) which for some people would be a plus but i love the gritting stuff. I like to feel ive taken the old skin cells off and deeply cleansed. This wasn’t a bad exfoliator would be good for everyday use but for a good scrubbing it didn’t cut it for me. I would however use it daily before my makeup to see if it improves my skin over time.

Side Tip- Within my skin care routine i have a tooth brush that i brought for the sole purpose of skin care. With my exfoliators i slap it on then i go in circles over my face in small areas with the tooth brush it helps get the gritty beads working and lifts off any lose or dry skin. I don’t go crazy scrubbing like im trying to get a new face ha ha soft circles.

This is NOVEX Mystic Black Deep Hair mask. I havnt used it as of yet so cant give a full review of the product. But it claims to hydrate,free the frizz , detangle and end split ends. This is major needed for me. It smells quite strong as in strongly scented but it smells like it means business and professional. It smells like a hair dressers! Ill be using tonight and may update this section. But i can imagine just from the scent and feeling it will do my hair some good.

Side note – Another top tip for hair i do every week without fail on a sunday afternoon ( when i know no ones going to turn up at my house because i look a right weirdo) but trust me it works! I wash my hair and then lather my hair and head in conditioner and then i whack it up in a bun for a good 4 hours. If your worried of it getting on your sofas or whatever stick a plastic bag over your hair. If your not busy the next day and can handle the rustling sleep in it! ( ive made an agreement with my partner id stop sleeping it in because the rustling drives him insane ha ha).

And lastly is the MONU SKIN eye cool gel which claims to instantly revive and tones tired eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles. So it sounds like a miracle and my best friend. I gave a little pat on after washing my face and it felt nice. I have to be honest and say it didn’t really make much difference for me. I pride myself on being honest on reviewing products and it felt abit watery. It smells nice and did melt into my skin nicely but it just didn’t wow me. It isn’t tacky which i like but ill keep giving it a fair try and see if i notice a difference over time.

All in all i loved this months box it gave some great products id been wanting and needing. Something id love in the box is a highlight from!! Make a girl happy glossy!!


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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