Parenting hacks


Today my kids woke up and i believe teamed up.

At the age of 4&1 years together decided ” lets act like untameable wild beings, shall we scream for no reason, lets just be loud and brat like for the day! Lets make today our 100th attempt to make her lose her shit.

Ill argue with you over my shoe and you argue with me over this spoon. I will pull your hair and you whack me on the head with a toy helicopter. We shall roar and scream at each like were in a war and I will shout over and over and over the word ” SHOE HORRRRRNNN” all day long just for the sake of it.

So yeah that’s how todays gone. Im off to get my straight coat on and check myself into an insanity clinic for a month or I may just take myself on holiday alone. Today has been great.

I hate the word shoe horn.

The end. ha ha x


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