Interplay Micro Scope Review AD (gifted)

Interplay recently sent us out the Triop world kit that we are doing a series on ,showing the progress of how our creautres grow so check that out.

But with that they also kindly sent us The Pocket Microscope from the same My living world range to view our new pets!

Corey is the typical boys boy mud loving tree climbing kid but derry is right there behind him investigating everything! Asking a million questions about everything how things work and how something is made. Being 4&2 years old they just soak up all knowledge , so for them is it the perfect tool for there investigations. Pocket%20Microscope,%203D%20Box,%20Lo%20Res,%20CMYK.jpg

This is what comes inside the kit.

1 Pocket Microscope , 1 Textile slide , 1 Insect slide , 3x Blank Slides, 4x Specimen Pots , 12x Specimen Labels and Clear covers , 1x tweezers.

Although our tiny creatures havnt grow yet we decided to go and venture out with the microscope and see what things we could find.

Silly mummy forgot to take the camera so we brought some bits home with us to look into at like grass, a flower, a leaf , a stone and sticks! But we definitely had more fun using it out doors! And it’s the perfect size for your hand or pocket.

We took out with us one of the specimen pots and Corey and daddy ( mummy didn’t go near!) found a few bugs that they added into the pot one at a time and looked at through the scope, Corey Loved this and didn’t want to come home he would have carried on all night if we’d have let him ha ha. Derry only being 2 couldn’t get the hang of closing one eye to look through it and it did take corey a while to work it out even at 4 years.

The pots line up perfectly to the end so viewing isn’t a problem and we always put the mini beasts back into their own habits!.

When we came home Corey wanted to know all about the creatures we had discovered which is something hes never been interested in, he hasn’t ever asked so many questions about them like what they eat etc. And this was thanks to the Micro scope! So we spent the evening researching and watching Nick baker vidoes online. The microscope is in the Nick baker range. We all had a lesson in mini beasts! And Corey spent the night looking through the scope at all different household items!

The Micro scope is really easy to use! It does require batteries as it has a built in light we tried it without the torch first as we didn’t realise it needed the batteries and although it can be used without, its much better and clearer with the torch on, which automatically comes on when the leg is opened.

On the side it has a orange circle which works to allow the focus in viewing.

The zoom magnifies 30 times the actual size. The microscope isn’t just for viewing creepy crawlies. Fabrics are also a great things to view and nature!. And included in the kit was some ready made slides with insect and fabrics on to view.

We’ve had a great time using the scope id definetly think about a purchase if your children are into that kind of thing, I would say for children over 4-5years as coordination for eye closing didn’t go well with a toddler ha ha.

Click the links above to purchase!

We can’t wait to view the world in a different view!


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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