All About Corey – Our Journey with Autism

Corey is my first born. The little angel sent from above who made me “mummy”.

I was 23 when I had Corey ive talked about my first pregnancy experience in another post so if your interested read that but to keep it short I didn’t have a great time and was really poorly. I had been 15 weeks when my nan passed away from cancer and within a week I was moving out of the area id grew up in to an area id never been. We rented a 2 bedroom house on the other side of our city. While I was pregnant I had such a lot of things going on illness, emotions and death I never felt “pregnant”. I worried constantly how will I love someone I don’t know. Although I was 23 I felt like a teenager still inside. Id sit and think about his life and the fact he would be all mine. It blew my mind to be honest, id look at his empty crib and all the baby clothes and think wow this is happening.

On 5th April 2014 My little baby boy was born. I cried my eyes out when I saw him. I sobbed infact how this human had been inside me this whole time and now I was finally looking at him. He was perfect everything about him was perfect.

Once home I was beyond the happiest ive ever been. I felt like he’d been sent from heaven. Night feeds were my favourite, his dad would get up and heat the bottle and change his nappy then id feed him while his dad went back to sleep. I loved it sitting knowing these were my moments, my special time and memory of sitting cuddling him in the dark and he’d be straight back to sleep. I felt euphoric and never once had baby blues. I couldn’t understand how anyone could, I just felt an overwhelming love. Id sit crying looking at him and cry over pure love.

He would never cry much only for food and he was just a content baby. He slept perfect to the point at 12 weeks we were considering another! ha ha Of course there were the sleepless nights on and off but before the age of 1 he was just content. I look back now and think was this a sign.

Around this age we started to notice things that I wouldn’t consider “normal”. He wouldn’t be interested in toys, id try get him to play but he wouldn’t be bothered by them. When having tummy time he wouldnt raise his head to look forward he would just let it lay face first or turn to the side till round 6-7 months .  He didn’t sit unaided until around 9-10months. He would make no attempt to crawl or pull up on furniture. He never crawled properly he army crawled even at 11 months he wouldn’t go on his knees but he did walk at 11 months and skipped the crawling. When he felt distressed or upset he would head butt the floor with no worry of pain. He hated public places like town or play areas. But at the same time he was incredibly happy, he babbled and he laughed ALOT. He was a happy baby inside his own home and safe space.

At 2.5 he started preschool and they to had noticed some concerns, he wouldn’t interact with the other children and his speech was delayed. He wouldn’t want to join in activities like colouring or painting. He only ever wanted to be outdoors. He didn’t have any concentration and would bounce from one thing to the next. He would only play by himself and go into his own world and block out anything surrounding.

At this age he’d started to become obsessed over certain toys. He would line them all in his room like the cars in a row. He wouldn’t role play just keep arranging them in lines and watch them.At school he would only want the same thing for the whole 4 hours, to the point they removed it from the classroom like a fireman toy or a car, it would go on for a weeks until they removed it and he’d ask and ask about it eventually moving onto the next toy. All children like a character like off the tv but Corey didn’t just like he was consumed by it and this stage it was postman pat.

The school put in for an assessment after a long meeting to be done for autism.  I visited the GP and got some advice and they also referred. He had become terrified of bugs flies especially and the school would have to keep ringing me to collect him because he had had a melt down. He would imagine them everwhere flying and on the floor. He regressed with sleeping and toileting

Watching your child struggling with daily life is hurrendous. He was and is still a really happy funny character. He has a heart of gold and is pure soul! I really was struggling with seeing him so upset. Public places had become really difficult he couldnt cope with loud shop music, flashing lights or strong smells. He would smell something like strong coffee and throw up. He still does now. He cant stand the site of sticky things or foods. He heaves a lot over small things for example hes eating toast and the butter goes on his finger this would cause him to throw up. He chews everything like toys or his top everything goes in his mouth especially when he’s relaxing or in a stressful environment.

But he was really advanced from the age of 1.5 in other things he knew all his colours and numbers. He could write his number 1-10. He’d point out numbers everywhere we went signs everything but big numbers like 44 something the average 1 year old wouldn’t be able to recognise . He loves to learn and be told information about everything especially helicopters! He knew different kinds of helicopter and aircrafts.

Moving toys or toys that made sounds were also a big problem he hated them would scream like he was being murdered at the site of a moving robot or talking toy. Clawing at me in panic, screaming , leaving deep scratches on me. He also couldn’t stand wrapped toys like a present, he would scream at the site of a wrapped birthday present not knowing what was inside. We had to do all unwrapped gifts. This year we’d finally manage to tackle this and wrap the Christmas presents which was a big moment for me, id looked forward to this for years! His sleep had really regressed between then and 3 years he would wake at 3am and be ready for his day wide awake. Everyday to the point school became to much for him and it was best for him to stay home until schooling age at 4.5. He would speak to strangers and say hello but if they spoke to him first he would freak out screaming. Bits on his feet would end in a huge melt down like a crumb. Id be hoovering the house 4 times a day to keep up with 2 toddlers and prevent crumbs!

Corey is now 4. He has come on leaps and bounds. He talks perfectly no speech and language was needed when the appointment finally came around. He is a ball of energy. He doesn’t stop from the minute he wakes to the time he goes to sleep. He is the kindest little kid ive ever known he thinks about everyones feelings. I’m not just saying that because hes mine he truly is kind hearted.

He just wants to make friends with everyone and loves playing with other children. His heart is so pure. Hes so well behaved and hes a great big brother. I rarely have to tell him off hes just an easy going human. If derrys hurt he sings to her row row the boat.

He does still have challenges like stimming with vocal noises and runs around in circles sometimes making funny noises. He does repeat things a lot over and over ha ha Like a single word, phrase or question which I have to admit is testing at times ha ha And he can be very loud with his stimming.

In public id try and ssh him with the stimming and say to be quieter but now ive learnt and grown and I don’t care at all. Its his way of coping and it makes him feel better. Some children have said things to him like “stop making that noise” or ” why you doing that” and corey replied ” because I like it, it makes my ears tickle and makes me happy”. I felt so proud of him hearing him stand up for himself.

For a few years it was difficult between 1.5-3ish but something clicked in him over the last 6 months to a year maybe it was him coming out of school I don’t know. His sleeping is perfect. He loves blaze the monster machines, PJ masks and Disney Pixar! He is incredibly funny he has such a dry humour. He talks to everyone says hello and says something like ” my dad farted today”  ha He has no filter at all! ha ha

Hes got so much to offer the world and will make huge ripples in it growing up. He will make an awesome adult! If there were more Coreys in the world It would be an AMAZING world!! If your lucky enough to have corey in your life you truly are blessed hes made a huge impact on our family! I could write forever on the little things he did or still does that would lead to autism . We are still awaiting assessment they want to view him in schooling as it was the school who sent the referral and he starts in September but for now hes doing just fine!

Corey is Corey, original, one of a kind and perfect inside and out!


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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