Meeting Coreys Teachers

Corey is 4 and this September will be starting full time schooling. He has had experience in the schooling system he attended a  public school from 2.5 years old which had a preschool program that we paied for him to attend 4 days a week half days and then after this he started the nursery within the same school.

We were having a tough time with him around this stage with his additional needs ( we are still awaiting assessment for autism) he was struggling a lot with his sleeping where he would wake at 3am and be ready for his day so by 10am his teachers would ring me to collect him as he just was to tired. He was having many issues and the school was a bus journey away so 4 buses a day. It got to the stage I was picking him back up within an hour of dropping him. He was having sesnroy over load and just having a hard time impacting his behaviour at school and home.   At this time my health issues started to get worse and it was just a daily struggle to get him there so it was mutually decided what was best for myself, Corey and the teachers if we pulled him out until mandatory school age.

Luckily now his sleeping issue has settle but he still have his challenges. So today I was so nervous to meet his new teachers. They came out to the house for the visit which was really good for corey. In his mind schooling was a difficult place as he’d struggled so much with it so we were expecting him to struggle with even seeing the teachers. But to our surprise they were absolutely lovely and he took straight to them! They came straight in and directed themselves to Corey. He was totally engaged in the conversation and one teacher had brought a tablet with her that she had taken picture of the other children in his class and she sat showing Corey. One picture came up and Corey said “that’s my friend I was with him last night”, when I looked it was our next door neighbour who he plays out with everyday we were so pleased and it made Corey all the more excited.

We sat and talked openly about coreys issues and things he struggles with and his personality so that they knew what to expect, I blurted out all I felt they should know and everything was wrote down and they just got it! They really did, they have never met us before but I felt like I was talking to friends and they were already full of knowledge of autism and I felt we were all on the same page.

Corey doesn’t get attached to people easily especially strangers but today he instantly clicked with the teacher and cried when she had to leave. He really wanted to go with her to school she had made it sound so exciting he was gutted that he wasn’t going right away and has weeks to wait till he can go. He has a settling in session in a few weeks and I cant wait for him.

I feel like corey has finally settled himself into life it will be a big change for him but over these past 6 months his blossomed and come out his shell. Starting school is going to be a massive massive step for him. I looked at pictures today of his first day of pre school and thought wow he was so small! Hes beyond ready for starting now and has grown so much I cant for him to start his journey into education!

Baby Corey starting preschool.

Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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