Simply Scented Coventry AD (gifted)


If you live in Coventry and haven’t heard of Simply scented them erm where you been? Your missing out big time! Even if your not in Coventry, if your a candle and fragrance lover then this is the company for you and ill say your welcome in advance!

A quick run over of the company and then ill show you some amazing products that smell like heaven! I myself discovered them through Facebook So firstly check out Emma the distributors Facebook page – .

Emma is a mum of 3 and works a full time job aswell as the Simply scented business. She’s recently been promoted to 1 of 2 National Recruitment Managers for Simply Scented Ltd ( Congrats Emma) ,  so if you fancy being a distributor then get in contact with her!

35345827_1849821158373841_7385720023848845312_nEmma also donates 25pence from every order and 5% from any event to Birmingham Childrens Hospital. This Charity is very close to their hearts and it gave vital care for their 2 youngest children. She has been raising money since july 2017 and raised to date £300 for them. WELL DONE!!! If your interested in taking a look at the charity click here for a link to the website.

Simply Scented products are all made 100% all Natural Ingredients.

There products include – Scented granules, Huge range of Ceramic burners, Bath bombs, soaps, soap sponges, Carpet freshener and unicorn bubble horns.

I honestly cant even tell you how beautiful these products smell. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a lush and Yankee candle girl, big lover of them but when I came across Simply scented I was over the moon. Not only does Emma offer a delivery service but the product prices are amazing. My first order was a ceramic burner with scented granules set and I was hooked. Ive placed orders for Christmas and birthday presents with emma and they are always Top quality and presented beautifully.

img_4594The Granule burners need a very small amount sprinkled on top and a tea light candle underneath and I’m telling you that you will thank me!

The smell fills the house for hours and they come in such popular fragrances like your top brand perfumes such as paco rabanne or Armani to Home sense like fresh laundry or baked pie! . Check out a list of some scents here and more here. Check out Emmas facebook for a full range of scents. She also offers Started kits and Gift sets which are amazing prices! Heres an example of how beautiful they are. Click here for more information this set is only £16.


They also offer a huge range on burners and these ones are definitely my favourite. How gorgeous and cute are these!!29365381_1758007994221825_7259588263273299968_n.jpg

As well as the burners, Simply Scented also offer Bath bombs yay!!

I could buy bath bombs forever I literally have a tub of like 20+ maybe its abit of an addiction ha ha. These bath bombs smell GORGEOUS!! Check out our Instagram video of the Unicorn bubble horn that smelled beautiful and left the water purple.img_4581

These are only £3.50! The fizz is also really strong in these which made my kids day they love dropping these in the bath and watching the colour flood out. Watch here

We’ve also got a Chanel No5 bath bomb to try out which I’ve claimed over mark for my bath tonight! ha ha It smells Gorgeous and if its anything like the Unicorn horn it will leave my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful. These are £3.50 each and in my opinion the sizing of the bomb is very generous for the price they are really quite big compared to other leading brands. I cant emphasis how aromatic and perfumed these are.

img_4578This product is a new one to the Simply Scented family! It a sponge to state the obvious but its prepacked with a gorgeous smelling scented soap! I wish I could add in a scratch and sniff section to show you how this smells! Ive had it in my bathroom and every time I walk in there all I can smell is this gorgeous scent . I used it on the kids this morning as my testers haha. I dipped it in the water an gave it a little squeeze and it instantly lathered up with the soap. I had expected it to feel abit rough but once wet it was so soft and the scent flooded out. About an hour after the bath I happened to give corey a cuddle and the scent hit me off his skin! Beaut product I would highly recommend. These are £5 each. We’ve just been on holiday and these would have been perfect in our wash bags!

So if all those aren’t enough they also offer a carpet freshner!! Aswell as the Container with holes for easy use.32378492_1817043711651586_8924994413919207424_n

Ive put this over our carpets this morning and I left it down for an hour to get the full smell onto the flooring and then hoovered it up and it left the carpets smelling beautiful and soft to touch! I go through so much of this stuff in the leading brand name the shake one wihout naming it ha ha  probably buy it once a week but this one from Simply Scented I only needed a small amount. This also comes in lots of scents to Have a look at the list here.

Simple scented offer gift sets for all occasions like A new baby, bath bomb gifts  or Luxury sets. I’m sure if you gave her a message she could make you up a unique set of different items you liked to try.

Emma also attends wedding fairs and fates so if your holding an event and think Simply Scented is right for it give Emma a message she’s always interested in show casing her items, she’s incredibly friendly and quick to reply.

And if your thinking oh I’m not in Coventry still give her message or call and she will be happy to find out your local rep!

I cant recommend this company enough. The price and quality are brilliant. Plus a percentage goes to charity! Give Emma a message today and say I sent you! ha ha.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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