Why We Havnt ” Celebrated” Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is a UK day maybe other countries aswell but a day to celebrate fatherhood. A day just like Mothers Day where by dads, step dads, granddads and father figures are made cards, brought cards and given gifts for being top dads. This year we decided to not celebrate it.

Mark is an amazing dad to our children. I have no dispute in that. The kids are his absolute world. He adores them and they adore him. I don’t give him enough credit sometimes for the dad he is to the kids. Hes a get on the floor and provide back rides around the house even after doing a 12 hour shift kind of dad. Hes a get up in the night to the kids shouting him from a bad dream kind of dad. Nappies never fazed him even now and if the kids ever have sickness in vomit form he’s straight there cleaning up as I cant even think about looking at it or I’m there vomming with them! He does everything to make them happy and laugh with the silly dancing and faces. He worships the ground the kids walk on and they look at him like a god! Corey tells him often he’s his hero and Derry is constantly attached to his side. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better dad for them.

So why didn’t we celebrate?

This year mark was made redundant from his job and since then we’ve had to budget more than we did before. We still live comfortable and as soon as my health is up he will be straight back into work but were not as freely with money throwing it left right and centre. Things have to be accounted for and budgeted as do many other households. As our kids are only 4&2 we’d been excited by these kinds of days all being new and exciting when they were first born. We would spoil each other on behalf of the kids, expensive presents like it was another Christmas! The kids being so small didnt have a clue what day it was or any idea why daddy or mummy were getting gifts.

This year we both just felt “over it” the kids still being young still have no clue of what the day is and infact what is the day for?….. Retail. Like where did this day like other days such as valentines come from? Retailing companies. Its so much pressure to keep buying for this and that money money money. For a card that will go in the draw for a few years or bin? What is the point. Of course parents deserve a treat and maybe in a few years we will re start it when the kids can be excited by it. When they can pick out the gift or card or help make them anyway. When they are in school and that kind of thing is made in school. The day is only really about them giving to there parent so if my kids cant even tell night from day why would they care about fathers day or mothers day! ha ha.

We both just agreed that we had had our first few exciting years of it when it was new and until the kids have any interest in it or knowledge lets not even bother. Its just money that could go on something else like a day out for the kids. I said happy fathers day to him of course but the kids are non the wiser ha ha.

Mark knows I appreciate everything he does and he know he’s loved that’s all that matters for any parent.


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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