Ark’s Chew Dude- Tink N Stink

If you didn’t know already Corey my son who is  4 years old is awaiting assessment for Autism and ADHD i’ll link our journey story here if you fancy having a read about Corey. But to keep it a bit shorter, one thing Corey does and always has done is chew. He bites his tops and toys constantly especially if relaxed or stressed. He always has had a dummy and for a long time it was impossible to get it away from him but after months of battling him we cracked it. I did have a post on it is sadly been deleted by mistake!

However we did get it away but we noticed his chewing got a lot worse! He started finding anything he could to chew and I felt guilty for taking the dummy away as I know how much of a comfort it was for him. The chewing is a stimulator for him. We recently met his new teachers ready for September and as we explained about his chewing she mentioned a chewy?img_4836

I had never heard of them but she explained how they were tools used to help control and relieve the need to stim on other objects, they were made for stimming. Once they left I got straight on to google and found Tink N Stink website and they offer so much sensory aids for children. We had a nosey around the site all very reasonably prices and we found there range of chewys. There are so many to choose but we went for the Chew dude necklace which kind of looks like a Lego man. Its attached to a string, clip and nap necklace for safety. And once you’ve chosen your colour it also allows you to choose on what kind of durability you want your man, for example for strong biters or img_4841light biters.

We placed our order and within 2 days our little dude arrived!. I’m seriously over the moon and could have cried for Corey. He was so excited and put him straight on and started to give him a little nibble. Weirdly I myself gave him a little bite just to check that he was durable which he really really was. We talked about how he had given his dummy to the babies and now he had his chewy dude so he doesn’t have to bite his toys or tops.


I’m really pleased for him and id really recommend it if you have a child with sensory issues. He was £11 which I think is really reasonable. Delivery was very fast and Corey has gone to bed very relaxed. The dude gets the thumbs up from us. img_4844

Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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