Revolution Limited Edition 2018

Firstly before I get into the review of this brush set quickly check out this link for there website the brush set is on sale £50 down to £20 HERE Your welcome x


This brush set is a 10 piece including 9 brushes and 1 silicone blender. It contains everything you need for a full make up routine. I have been using it for a few days now and I absolutely love them. img_4753

Just the look of this set is right up my street with the beige handle and Rose Gold ends, with the brush tips being fuchsia pink.  I think aesthetically they are beautiful. The handles are nice and chunky making them easy to hold and work with.

My favourite by far is the blending flat edge brush, it blends so flawlessly. I hate a brush that leaves streaks or an uneven texture but this brush doesn’t at all. Its completely flat on the bottom for easy blending to the skin. I really like this brush and have added it into my daily routine. The hairs haven’t stuck together being used with a liquid product either which is a real pet peeve for me! img_4821

The powder brush is also really nice, holds the product nicely. The hair is really compact and full of fluffy goodness, it packed bake or powder on nicely. With all the brushes I’ve had zero fall out or thread loss. I hate when your blending out a foundation or concealer and a thread comes off and sticks to your face! These haven’t done that at all so far anyway! img_4809

The small eyebrow brush is angled to add shape onto the eyebrow. The only negative I dimg_4813o have is I like a firm eyebrow brush to really get that shaping, with the hair on these brushes being so soft it kind of bends to much for me. I prefer a much harder tip but this is self preference so for someone else this may be a plus. The angle of the brush is really nice and pointed though so maybe after breaking the brush in it will stiffen up abit to my preference.

The smallest eyeimg_4820 shadow brush has now become my eye brow brush! Having said I love a stiffer tip of hair, this brush has that. It flows nicely over the skin but its hair is abit more compact making it stiffer and this is what I love for an eye brow brush. The tip is really easy to work with. I did start out using this as eye shadow but when I felt how firm it was I changed it to eye brows. Not that there is anything wrong with it as an eye shadow brush it really is a nice little tool.

img_4819The thing that was completely new to me was the silicone “sponge”. I’m a beauty blender girl have been for years I love them. This little tool is tear drop and doesn’t absorb product at all which for me is a plus. With a conventional sponge I hate when your using a £50 foundation and it just gets sucked up into the sponge! But this one doesn’t have any absorption at all its sealed in and feels like a stress ball ha ha! I had of course seen these online when they first were brought out but I had never been compelled to buy one and probably wouldn’t have tried it if it hadn’t of come with the set. However all that being said do I like it? I actually do!! It packs in the foundation nicely being completely flat and doesn’t slid over my face like I had thought it might. It did take abit of blending and bouncing on the skin but it did work its way in. It did need a bit more working in then my usual sponge but it gave a nice finish and was flexible into my creases and corners. I would buy again. img_4816

Another addition to the collection is the contour brush. Its slightly angled for that chiselled cheek bone and jaw line. However again I felt this was abit to soft as once pressed it kind of pushed the brushed out of shape and for me again I like it abit firmer and more compacted hair. This may come with use though. Bu I did use it a blusher brush.

And with the rest I cant say anything negative about I really like them and the quality of the whole set has a luxury feeling. Being a limited edition collection I don’t know how long it will be kept on sale for so if you want to one grab before they go, but from my view you wont regret purchasing them they really are lovely. img_4798



Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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