We don’t lose friends we find the real ones. – A Mothers Truth.

“Your pregnant?!!… Congratulations Wow I cant wait to meet the little bundle of joy”.

“Lets throw a baby shower, invite everyone all the girls. This baby is going to have so many Aunties I cant wait to watch her grow, cuddle her and make her a mini me of me! ” they all say.

The baby shower is filled with all your friends, presents cards and flowers fill the room full of love from all those excited friends.

Your bundle of Joy is going to be surrounded by love, so many friends.

” We can take her everywhere with us! Days out at the zoo I cant wait to love your baby”

The day finally arrives when your baby girl is born into the world. Everyone visits at the hospital, some come to the house. Shes in so many pictures with them. Cards Flowers and gifts fill the room with love from all those excited friends.

12 weeks old, its been a rough few weeks, sleepless nights and taking care of your baby girl. Those friends have visited a few times. Had cuddles and updated there pictures on facebook with your baby girl. Auntie this and that I love you so much. Lets plan a day out. Your so happy to be going out the house you jump at the chance. ” Lets go the zoo?” you suggest?….. ” oh I was thinking more a night on the town without the baby?” ….. You cant go you have a baby now I thought you wanted to include baby.

6 months old you’ve been invited out on nights out, clubbing, meals out with the girls. Of course you go now and again. You even take the baby to a meal where by they all look on as baby cried through the whole meal and all those Aunties who don’t have children, suggest next time you should get a baby sitter its not fun with a crying baby.

A year on your beautiful baby girl is turning 1. You cant wait to celebrate. You ask around invite all Her Aunties who said they couldn’t wait to be in her life. You realise you hadn’t seem most of them for months. Checking facebook the last pictures they have with her is 6 months. They don’t even notice its her birthday. The room filled with cards presents and balloons none from all those friends. You look on facebook and see they’ve all been on nights out, meals and clubbing. You were invited to none its not fun to take a crying baby.

Those friends who said they wanted to be apart of your babies life no longer want the selfies with her, no longer invtie you out, and no longer visit you. The room is no longer filled with cards, presents and flowers from all those excited friends.

We don’t lose friends we find out who the real ones are. img_4991


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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