Top Tips For Keeping Kids Cool

In Coventry where we live England, the temperature today reached highs of 28-29. For us that is really hot. We never get heat like this well obviously in summer months it gets hot but as brits were used to temps like 0 -1 -8 etc! We see rain more than shine, so when we get heat like this every brit and their son is dying! Dying from sweating and we all moan like babies. ha! I know I do anyway I like it for about a day then I’m over it begging for spring again.

The kids really don’t cope well in it at all and my kids sweat so bad especially Derry it can be -1 outside and Derry will still want to be in a nappy and be clammy!.

When bedtime comes that’s the time they and I think all of us feel the heat and beg for a thunderstorm. So here’s my top tips for keeping kids cool.

Ill quickly add in here some little obvious ones- No blankets, sleep in light clothing if not naked, a fan, a window open, cool bath etc you my drift….


An hour or 2 before bed time set a fan up in the room. Directly infront of the fan put a bowl filled with ice with the air from the fan blowing in the just skimmer the top of the bowl. This will bow the cold air around the room instead of just circulating hot air. It will help to bring the rooms temperature down. With this I would also close the curtains and window in the room to keep the temperature cold.



Send them to bed with a water bottle filled with ice and water. Keeping hydrated is so important in high temperatures. I always send my kids to bed with a drink but in these temperatures ive been adding in the ice and before bed I put the water bottles in the fridge to get them extra cold. I then refill and add more ice before I go to bed myself.



I have these ice packets that I brought from the pound shop. An hour before bedtime ive placed 2 on each of there beds the same time I put the ice bowls in and I leave them on there beds. Yes it may wet the bed abit but I honestly don’t mind it leave the sheets really cold and cool for there bodies to lie on. Last night corey didn’t want me to take it away and he lied with it on his belly to keep him cool!



Obviously having open windows is a good idea but I find it actually makes the room hotter! but another way to ventilate is if you have a loft hatch open it up. It allows the heat to naturally rise and draws the heat from inside the bedrooms.



The same with the ice bowls. placing frozen iced bottles of water around the rooms helps to bring the whole room temperature down, especially if in front of a fan.


Soak a flannel in water and place in the freezer 10 minutes before bed time. Then take out and give to your child to have in there hands or wipe their body with while laying in bed. Corey laid with this on his head last night and was kept so cool.


With babies remember that the temperature through the night may drop so dress them appropriately. Heads, hands and feet are what loose the heat the quickest so by keeping them cool you can bring down the whole temperature down.


keeping the curtains closed and blocking the sun out is more of an obvious one. Shade is obviously cooler.

Hope these help to keep your babies cool and have sound better sleeps!





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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