Birch Box – June

Being a make up addict I love trying new products, monthly subscriptions are a great way to get samples of new products like a try before you buy and more often than not I end up buying the full size product that comes in the monthly subscriptions. Within the subscription boxes you do get a few full size products too, not just sample sizes which is always a plus!

Years ago I used to get Birch box but I found the items weren’t great so after a few months I stopped. However I still followed them on social media and there boxes kept catching my eye so I thought Id give them ago again. This month they had advertised a mystery box for free along side the new months box. So £10 for 2 boxes I took the plunge and subscribed. img_5314

The boxes arrived with in 2 days which was really fast. The June box came in a gorgeous little tin in a blue and white kind of vintage looking design. I really like the tin and the fact its a tin rather than a card board box. The theme of the tin is ” Tea party”.

img_5320Inside the first item is a make up brush cleaner. I love this and have quite a few being a brush addict. This one has the birch box branding on and is made from silicone. I like the fact it has a slit in so your fingers can go inside and give the brushes a good scrubbing on the different textures. I use these a lot and they are a must have for any make up lover.


The next item I’m so sad about as I was looking forward to trying but sadly it arrived completely broken up, which obviously isn’t birch boxes fault just a shame. But its the ella eden pressed shadow in shade faith.

As the theme is tea party of course a tea bag is included well 3 infact. I’m not a massive tea girl more coffee but I do love trying new favours and these ones are Earl grey, mango and bergamot, and Lemon & ginger. Also the packaging is cute in the vintage style to. img_5326

The next is the High Performance hair care leave in conditioner, super comb img_5325prep and protect spray. This smells so beautiful. It does have a strong scent but it reminds me of a hair dressers. It claims to strengthen and repair summer hair. Ive recently coloured mine so it needs some loving! Ill give this ago tonight and update here how it goes and feels after.

Next was the pore professional pearl primer which I was most excited about, I absolutely love Benefit cosmetics. Being honest though I was saddened by the size. There’s sample size and then there’s santa’s elf size ha! It is tiny which is a shame but ill give it a go anyway, I know ill love the product I have nothing bad to say about benefits products. They are always high quality. I just wish the sample size had been a tad bigger. In the picture ill add in a ring to show how small it is haha.img_5324


Lastly is the polaar  sun lotion. With the summer were currently having in the UK being really hot this is a great product to have in a monthly box. Being a mummy I have tons of sun protection in the house but this is a nice little size to through in my hand bag. Its a factor 30 uva and ubv protection. The scent isn’t over powering either. Its also for the face which is always a plus. I find some lotions leave my face looking sweaty but this has dried down matte.

With this month they had the offer of a second box free which I was excited about, on the advert it had shown a hoola beauty bronzer which I was so excited about I think I misunderstood as the box I received was Februarys birch box. So I felt like I just received left over boxes from previous months rather than an exclusive mystery box but never mind. I wont list every item or this post will go on forever but ill picture them below. This one wasn’t a tin it was a slide out card box.img_5327

My over all opinion of birch box – I will continue the subscription for a few months to give them a fair try, but however being completely honestly I wasn’t overly excited by it. I was happy with the tin but that’s not the reason I get a beauty box. Having a broken item inside also put a downer on it but I’m sure if I was to contact birch they may replace it ( I wont), but ill give them a fair try for a few months. I was abit disappointed by the mystery box but it was an extra so cant really complain. We shall see over the next few months whether birch can replace my favourite of glossy box.

Do you get birch box what’s your opinion?


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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