Starting Christmas in July.

I know you’ve all read that title and thought what the hell is she talking about! Its July we have a bloody heatwave for Christ sake Natalie! But bare with me and trust me come December you’ll thank me!

As of today 04-07-18 there are 182 days until Christmas day. I am starting the challenge today! Everyday until now I am going to save £1 in my jar a day. Any day I have left over silver coins 10p,20p,50p plus £1s and £2 coins I’m going to add them to my jar! Just going on the minimum £1 a day that’s £182 saved towards Christmas. Money I wont even notice or miss.

We’ve all been there, the stress that Christmas brings for us. Have we brought enough? How will we afford that one present your child is begging santa for! How can santa not bring that one present. You worry constantly about it. I found Christmas so stressful for years. Buying for family and now the kids its just so expensive. Why do we do it to ourselves it takes away the enjoyment.

A great way to ease the pressure is once a week buy one present even if its a stocking filler like a football or some socks! Tell yourself each week you have to buy at least one present. Start in January! First week of January buy your first present. The January sales after Christmas are amazing!! In the UK we have a shop called Boots and they have an offer before Christmas 3 for 2 that I always use so if you pick up 3 presents worth for example £40 each you only pay for 2 and get the cheapest item free. But after Christmas these go for like £10! They have massive savings. All shops do, so start in January! For kids it can be abit harder as they change there favourite character like the wind but for grown ups or stocking fillers this is great way of saving. If you see a sale on grab something from it. By the time Christmas comes you wont believe how much you’ve brought!

Last year we kept sticking things up in the attic that we brought and when we got them all down I nearly died with how much we had brought! One present a week from now is 16 weeks so 16 presents, 2 a week and your making good progress to Christmas. Seriously you will thank yourself!.img_5745

Toys r us is no longer with us RIP haha,  which is so sad as they had a great savings scheme. But there are schemes like Parks where you set an amount and pay each week for your amount like £10 for 20 weeks etc and once you’ve reached your goal they send out your vouchers that can be used in thousands of shops. But I would be careful with these, I remember a few years ago a company like this went bust and thousands of families were left with nothing at Christmas!

Another great tip if you have older children and you know they are going to want the latest game or console. Check out release dates and save in advance for the dates or buying vouchers for a certain gaming shop. Converting the money your saving into a voucher really helps to take away the temptation to dip into it. Just becareful the voucher doesn’t have an expiring date.

Start today! you really will thank yourself. Set yourself a goal for today!

£1 a day – £182

£2 a day – £364

£3 a day – £546            DO YOUR FUTURE SELF A FAVOUR! 

£4 a day – £728

£5 a day – £910

What are your saving tips? Start a change jar today! And buy 1 present a week from today!  Have a read of Christmas 2017 post. And My Parenting Guilt Post! img_2003





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

9 thoughts

  1. I don’t have children but I do have a large family so any saving tips helps so much towards Christmas! Usually I’m panicking last minute but I’m gonna start buying from payday next week 🙂

    Thank you for the tips!



  2. What a good idea! At the moment I stick my spare coppers and 5ps in my daughters piggy bank instead of pocket money. We then go to a local supermarket and do the coil counter so she gets the voucher she can spend, or we swap it for the cash if she wants it for something else. This month she has been to three summer fairs and spent must of her change on games and fun!


      1. Yeah it’s hard when you have kids to buy for! Especially if they want all the toys that are sold out as soon as they hit the shelves! Since being with my boyfriend I’ve made sure to buy presents on time. 😛



  3. Such a good post and good idea, I have also been picking things up for Christmas and birthdays. I would personally never get Lily so much but I deffo am gonna be more organised like you and get some stuff early!


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