BirchBox Review & Why I’m Cancelling my subscription.

When I started blogging and product review I always told myself I would be honest and give a real opinion regardless of how big the brand or if it would come off badly for myself by being honest in my review. I wouldn’t say a product was amazing if it turned your skin green just because it was a big brand. So I’ve received Birch box for 2 months now here the link to the first. I wasn’t overly happy with it, yes it had a few nice items and I did have a broken item which after me leaving a comment on a post of there’s a customer service rep did get in contact and said they would send a replacement out (which as of 06-07-18 I haven’t received). But it seems A lot had the same issue.

A couple of days ago I decided I didn’t want to receive birch box anymore so I went onto there website logged in and it said at the top of my profile that I currently wasn’t receiving birch box so I thought oh I must have just brought the one month box and not entered into a monthly contract.

However today a birch box arrived and I checked my bank and yep it had came out. I again have been online and checked my account with them and I apparently don’t receive it hmmm. Ive sent an email over and facebook message to find how the hell I cancel this! img_6003

So here is my unplanned review of Julys birch box. I had planned previously to give them another go but when I saw online the amount of people having issues with them an I counted at least 40 I also was contact by other readers to say they had also received broken items I thought id cancel, however here we are so this is what I received.

I have to say I do like the box again like the previous tin but that isn’t why you should get a monthly make up subscription for a box. The first item inside is a blush from a brand called Mannakadar, which ive never heard of have you? It says it can be used as a blush or and eyeshadow.

I really did have a little chuckle to myself with the little note that is added on the leaflet inside. 😉 Good job birch team hah! Massive error with last months box with hundreds of people receiving a broken eye shadow, so I’m guessing this was added on to cover there backs incase this blush did the same. It did make me laugh.  The blush has a slight shimmer in it which is nice but the colour is abit to red for my skin tone which is a shame. img_5997

The next product is a shower scrub which I really like! It smells gorgeous. The brand is called what’s in it for me?. Again I haven’t heard of this brand but I really like! It lathers up beautifully and has small seeds in for exfoliation. Its has a sweet almond oil in with jasmine and orange extracts. It really smells beautiful. RRP £7 for a full size this is sample size.

The next item I was really looking forward to trying but .. well this seems to be a running theme with birch boxes. So on first look I was excited,  ive tried this brand a few times in my glossy boxes, however when I went to sample it this happened. The product came out of the casing on opening I’m gutted! Ive put it in the fridge it hopes its due to the extreme heat we are having in the UK. It looks an a lovely eye shadow pen with a shimmer in. So hopefully it re attaches when it cools down and I can use it. RRP £12.img_5989img_5999

Next is a sample sized product again made for santas elfes haha! I expect a sample size but I feel like the samples that come in a birch box are the samples of the sample hah anyway so this is Balance Me congested skin serum. It claims to balance skin and refine pores. I have to say this smelt gorgeous and full of scent, on the skin it left a cooling sensation. I really do like this product it felt so smooth over my skin. RRP £16 full sized Just a shame about the sizing.

And lastly was this Eye therapy Beauty pro under the eye mask. It contains 1 pair for single use. It is infused with green tea, aloe vera and vitamins A and E. It is applied under the eyes and left on for a treatment of 20 mins. I’m going to do this tonight and ill update here on it!img_5995

So My overall view of Birch box. This will be my last. I think they seek out small samples, I think there customer service isn’t the best, they advertise products to be inside the box but then they aren’t. I think there focus is more on purchasing through there website full sized products and they skimp on the actual monthly subscriptions products. Which is a shame.

They now and again collaborate with high end names like Kath Kidston and benefit cosmetics. Giving off an air of luxury when infact the boxes aren’t. Which again is sad.

Birch box I would say its been a pleasure but id be lying. I tried, I gave you a fair chance with a second chance! But it didn’t work out, we must now part ways…. HA! Glossy box wins without even trying!

Have you had birch box? What did you think? Did you have any broken items? Comment below let me know.


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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. What a shame that it is all samples. I’m not surprised people are complaining about it! Between that and the fact they aren’t packaging properly which has lead to broken products, it sound likes amateur hour! Not sure companies can get away with this for long!

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  2. Such a shame you had to go through so much crap and they don’t even send you any well known company’s products. Did you try calling their customer service? A lot of companies don’t respond to emails but their customer helpline works.


  3. I tried the July Birchbox and cancelled my subscription as soon as it arrived! Very underwhelmed with it, and I think Glossy and My Glam Box are much better value and better products.


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