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With the end of the school year fast approaching and the trend of gifting that special teacher a token to say thank you, I have come together with some beautiful brands to make the task of finding a gift that bit easier.

Teachers are the back bone to society, they treat our children like their own and help shape their little minds into the clever little humans they are. We put our full trust in them to care for our little humans like we would ourselves and teach them every aspect of life.

A teacher is a special kind of person. I don’t think I could cope day in day out with 30+ children in one room. Let alone to get them all actively learning. So here are a few unique items to help say that big thank you to that special individual known as the teacher.

I have a range of items all unique and varying in prices. I will tag each item where it can be found with prices as correct of day of publishing.


Did you know Aldi have an online site? I didn’t either but I can across it and they have some awesome bargains on there for home delivery.

Room Spray


The first gift I thought would make a great little present. It comes in this lovely little presented box and the price blew me away! £2.69 yes you read that correct £2.69! I think if you’ve got say 3 teachers in one class to buy for one of these each is amazing so your not spending a fortune! This is the Scentcerity Soleil Room spray and does come in other scents. The scent is beautiful I actually had to check this wasn’t a perfume! Its a great gift


Candle set

They also do this little set with a candle and diffuser. This is the scentcerity Provence candles and Diffuser set for £4.99! And again the scent is lovely. They could use the diffuser at home or in there classroom!

Not all teachers are into scents and male teachers may not want a candle or room spray! They also have these lToolbox-Lunch-Bag-Flap-Spot-Aovely Foldable lunch boxes! What teacher doesn’t use a lunch box. I thought this one was lovely and the design looks very high end to me but costs £6.99.



Now this company next I’m actually blown away by. Please head over to there site and have a browse because I cant even tell how absolutely stunning these glasses are. I’m going to do a full review on these because I don’t feel this little post will do them justice so ill link that here too!

Lolita Collection.

These are hand painted and when I say they are beautiful I really mean it. They are stunning and if I was a teacher I would be thrilled at receiving these as a gift please have a read of my full review on these here . Each glass is mouth-blown and hand painted.

Lolita Spring 2018 Wine glass. I think every teacher loves wine don’t they? I know I would if I looked after 30+ children daily! haha! This beautiful glass is stunning and would make a gorgeous present to that special teacher. It is £18

Next in the Lolita collection is this beautiful Hibiscus glass. This is a tumbler style and again is gorgeus. I have a lot more photos here on the full review if you want to check that out. This one is £15.

And last but not least is the Dragon fly wine glass. Again stunning. The detail on each of these glasses is exquisite. The little gem detail adds that extra sparkle to them and I can tell you 100% any teacher or for any gifting reason these would make beautiful presents. This one is £18.

Sometimes you may have known a teacher through a number of your children being in their class over the years. Your children may be about to leave primary or secondary and that one teacher for example the head teacher has been a great support or they may have gone that little extra for your child and family, become a friend aswell as a teacher. Or you and a few other school mums feel like a certain teacher deserves abit extra for there hard work. I think this next gift would perfect!


Buy A Gift 

Buyagift.com offer a variety of gifts and day experiences. The one I thought would be perfect was there Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie with a cake Gift box for £35. This is a voucher for 2 as the name suggests and can be used in 131 locations. On the website there is a handy location finder to help you find a local one to you. Included in the voucher you get :- 10753516-2_extralarge.jpg

– Savoury sandwiches
– Patisserie treats
– Scones

Which I think looks and sounds so yummy!


We have also teamed up with buyagift.com to offer the chance to win this voucher in a give away which will be announced over on my Instagram so follow us and buy a gift to find out when the give away starts and how to enter. ( Hint – 24-07-18 )

Yankee Candle 

I recently did a full review of the new Yankee candle range, so I thouimg_4915ght id add them into this because Yankee candles are a massive favourite and love of mine. I think these make the perfect gift for any occasion. Everyone has heard of yankee and its a favourite for many! If you haven’t , have you been under a rock? hah!They have so much range on there site its hard to not find the perfect gift, I find it hard choosing between them all! Couldn’t do a gift post without adding my loves in! Prices vary for all different budgets so head over and have a browse here. They also have a offer on for 2 small candle Jars for £12 correct as of date of publishing.

Simply Scented Coventry

If your local to me which is Coventry you may have already heard of this company and I recently reviewed some of their products. Simply scented Coventry is run by a lovely lady called Emma. They have a lovely little gift perfect for teachers with a personalised tag. 1 Flower burner with 2 scents for £5.50 she can also deliver. Ive used these products myself and they make perfect gifts. Head to her facebook where she will be more than happy to help you. Click Here for my review.



I am a lush girl. I think ive tried every single product in there whole range ! I think I may even go as far as saying its problem? So if you know of any Lush rehabs send me help asap! ha!

But no for real they offer an amazing range from bath bombs to make up ! Anything bathroom related or skin care related can be found in lush! They recently featured in my Mums night off post where I reviewed some products over there of there’s so check that out. They pride themselves on being all good for you! As in vegetarian, cruelty free – Have a read here for what they stand for.

Whilst browsing I came across their gift sets and I thought this one was perfect Buttercup. Subliminal message hidden in the content haha –  Cheer up 😉 This little pre wrapped gift set is £9.50 it contains a honey soap bar and a lemon bath bomb. The scents of these are beautiful and so mood lifting! Cheer that teacher up with this perfectly wrapped burst of scent gift! My house currently smells of Lemon!


Rockette St George

Rockette St George is a London based company that just oozes luxury. There whole online site is filled with beautiful high quality items. Mostly home items ranging from Furniture, Lighting to Wallpaper. The site is so elegant and high class, I think their items are stunning! I’m currently decorating the whole house so discovering this company I think will be dangerous for my purse haha!

Some items on this site I thought would be perfect for this post are –

These little cups are £20 and I think every teacher can relate to these phrases! Both our bone china with Gold writing on. Fizz & Gin 

2018-07-09 (5)

 Another quirky item I thought would be perfect for an art teacher or even an art lover! Infact it can be a gift for anyone to be quite honest as it can be multiple purpose used as a flower vase, pen holder, mug anything really! Its this Michelangelo’s David head sculpture vase. So unqiue! He is £18.50. (or maybe she?) ha!

Check out there Instagram too!

And lastly on our list is –


I personally have used Photo box for many things! I have canvas’s to mugs through them and I have never had any problems with them or the quality, its always been perfect!

When they heard about this post they reached out and offered an amazing give away which will be published on the same day as this post over on our Instagram so be sure to check that out to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 5 of these books!

What a unique gift idea for a teacher to fill a book of all those moments they have shared with your  from sports days to Christmas plays. They raise our kids daily when you think about it they spend half the childs time if not more than half with them. They spend a lot of time with your child. I bet some teachers really get attached to certain children and it must be quite the heart tugging moment when they do leave that class or school for the next chapter. Which brings me to these beautiful books. cd204f5335a173b1cb0ba467340b3aefffa952ab_little-moments-book-detail-4_3-1240-@1x.jpg

Little Moments Photo Book. These little books contain 25 pictures that can be white & black or a mix with colour. Glossy pages and a protective sleeve keep the pages in perfect condition. Your photos are easily uploaded straight either from your computer or a device. Its so simple, incredibly easy to do and the result is a perfect memory book. The cost is £9.95 BARGAIN!!

Well that’s it for this post. I did have so many other brands and items to include but I felt this post was rather longer than my unusual and so I think ill keep those for the next.

A big thank you to all the brands for joining in on this post. Be sure to check out our Giveaways over on our Instagram. Keep up to date with our daily lives. Head over to each website linked and show them some love too! Give away rules and how to enter here

Have a fab week and give that teacher the perfect gift! If none of these took your fancy theres always WINE WINE WINE AND MORE WINE! 😉


Disclamier – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.

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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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