GlossyBox – JULY

Whoop Whoop its glossy day!!! ( well it was actually yesterday but I was mega busy ha! )

Yay! Another glossy box arrived yesterday and I think this maybe my favourite one! Now I know what your all thinking, ” you say that every month” ha! Which I mimg_6228ost probably do because I am a massive glossy box fan! Ive never had any broken items with these guys unlike another subscription box I wont mention  (Cough Cough Birchbox) cheeekky! ha!

Soo lets get into what was inside this months box!

This months box theme is tropical holidays meets mermaids waves. I think from all my glossy boxes over the past year this one is my favourite. I’m starting to think I have a slight box obsession! I loved the little detail on the side which says ” Happiness comes in waves!”….. So true! 

The first item I noticed was this Inuwet cheek shell brush Full size! I love this! The brush is so soft and I love timg_6225he colouring its actually abit more greener than what the picture suggests. Ive used this today for my contouring and it worked lovely. I don’t no if this is just me but the brush smells of coconut! Does yours? Its made by a Korean brand and is also vegan friendly and cruelty free! Its also full size! RRP £13.20 ( random 20p ) haha!



The next lovely item I was happy about was another full size product! Yes glossy bringing in the full sizers! We all know I hate samples of the sample size items in boxes so glossy got the memo on that haha! The brand is The one? New one for me again and its there 5-in-1 wonder lash mascara. img_6221

I used this today and something I did noticeimg_6232 straight away is that applicator end the lash brush part whatever its called, is really flexible! I’ve not seen this with any other mascara, it bends really easy. I found this abit tricky as I like to have full lashes slapped on and with this I couldn’t get it on as rough as I usual do. I kept trying but in the end I stuck my wand in from another brand and applied it that way, which worked lovely. Abit of a shame about the wand but I do like the actual mascara it went on lovely with my used wand haha! Probably not the most hygienic thing to do though! ha! RRP £9

The next product was this Sea Water Hair Spray. It looks like a travel size but it says full size so I think it is? It claims to aid the look of curls heat free. img_6217 I have naturally waving hair which sometimes is a pain but I’m not actually going to use this on myself though! Derry my daughter has mega curls and I find them so hard to control so I’m going to test this out on her curls and see if it can tame her beastly curls!  I have said it before and ill say it again I wish I could insert a scratch and sniff patch over the web! hah! This smells like a perfume! You know that scent in a hair dressers this is that in a bottle! I cant even explain the scent but its so nice! RRP £16


I think ive found where the coconut scent is coming from in the box and brush! This smells amazing.  Palmers Coconut oil repairing conditioner. It claims deeply moisturize, adds shine and helps promote growth. I don’t care what it does I would literally rub this over my whole body! haha! It smells beautiful. Ive just used this on my mini testers at bath time and its left derrys hair so smooth and glossy! RRP £4.49img_6222

This one is my least favourite not anything to do with the branding or aimg_6226nything I just don’t get overly happy about toothpaste! Being a mum toothpaste is just an essential thing I grab in the supermarket and then wrestle my toddlers to brush their pearly whites. I loved getting the charcoal one that was in the box a few months back as it was black and something new to try. But for me tooth paste is just well tooth paste haha! woohoo toothpaste! Glossy please don’t give me anymore toothpaste hah! This regenerate one claims to regenerate the enamel on teeth with invisible signs of erosion. However I do love the smell strong spearmint. Ive become a sniffer hah! My partner is looking at me weird like why you smelling everything! I’m giving it the sniff test ha! RRP £10

Lastly is this little extra of a Hawaiin Tropics duo defence sun lotion. Having used this brand many times I know ill love this. I’m not giving it the sniff test until img_6227I have to use it as it doesn’t have a lid but I will use over the next few days as we are oddly having a heat wave in the UK YES A HEATWAVE IN THE UK! Like who even are we?? ha! RRP £14.99

These always smell like a tropical island so I know ill love this scent too!




So that was julys glossy box! I as always would highly recommend,  its that little exra treat for £10 every month DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

|Check out Junes box here and there limited edition collab with Karl Lagerfield here

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Did you get a glossy box? Was you happy with it? What was your favourite product?


Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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