Tips I wish I knew before starting my blog.

Tips I wish someone had told me before I started blogging

I am no way an expert on blogging at all. I started with no advice or clue how to even make a post let alone a blog, so these are things ive found out along the way.

Firstly before starting anything right down a list of things you would like to write about for example … Parenting, make up, days out, meal plans, skin care, daily life…

Once you’ve got your list go through it and next to each one try and fit into a niche Like parenting, beauty or lifestyle. What is your most common niche you want to write about. Trying to figure out your niche will help you focus more on your target audience. If you start with lots of blogs about fitness and then suddenly your content changes to I don’t know mechanics of trains haha! Your audience you had built for the fitness aren’t going to stick around as its not the content they signed up for.

Of course your blog is yours and you can write whatever you want to that’s the point of a blog to be yours.

Think to yourself are you trying to make this a business or is this for fun. Is this a hobby or are you hoping to make this lead to somewhere? Are you planning on working with brands or is this all for you like an online diary. Try and decide this as it will help you to write. If your writing for yourself you can be more slacked on the way you write add in swearing or not worry to much about mistakes but if your planning on trying to earn an income you would need to be more professional in your writing and photography. I like to do a mix of styles in my posts. Ones where a brand in involved I try be more professional as I don’t want to make the brand look bad but if its a random daily life post I don’t worry as much how I write because its about myself.

Once you’ve decided your niche, content and who your aiming it towards its time to think of a name. Again depending on who your aiming towards try not to make your name to long or hard to find in an online search For example naming your blog beautybreadybakesbreadbeforebreakfast haha ( so random ha!) isn’t going to be easy to find or pronounce for people you want to approach or work with. Also from that name no one is going to have a clue what your site identity is are you baking bread or beauty? Keep it short and catchy it doesn’t have to be to fancy but try stick with a name once your blog is live as that’s what people will search and know you by. For me I already had my Instagram as Lifewith2tots way before I started my blog so I just went with that.

For me I started my blog on a free site obviously on word press which is perfectly fine and so many people do to start with. I knew I wanted to work with brands and the content I wanted to write so I went straight and changed my domain name to a business plan it does cost but its only the once for the year so decide what you want before spending a fortune if your blog is just for you and just an online diary theres no reason to pay for the name.

Once your signed up I would just write, write, write all your content you’ve planned. I spent 2-3 days writing I banged out 10 blogs within the first few days to bulk myself up and have something for people to read. At the beginning I was so enjoying it I just plunged straight in I still do of course. Once you’ve got some content on there I would then think about design and colouring. Using wordpress I found it so easy to just get what I wanted ive changed my site a few times colourings and now happy with the layout and style.

Another tip more towards brand working and using Instagram is I cleaned up my Instagram it had over 3000 pictures on because it had been private and I uploaded left right and centre anything of the kids but I went through img_6494and got it down to 900ish pictures. Then I did the same with my followers and following just cleaned it up. I used an app from apple store called cleaner that can clean up both media and following etc. Keep your pictures clear good quality and clean.

One big tip is don’t write content just for your readers. Write for yourself. Write what you enjoy writing. Review products you like. Tell your life how you want to. You have to enjoy it or theres no point in it at all.

If your thinking of starting a blog just do it! I wanted to for years and I just didn’t. Ive only been blogging for 3 months and I’ve built up a good blog that I’m so proud of! Ive worked with brands I never thought I would have especially not in this short time. Ive held competitions. Ive received so many messages from people about my blog. Ive met some great people and Ive got so much enjoyment out of blogging. I love it.  This blog has become like a 3rd baby to me I absolutely love it. And I think to myself if I can do this in 3 months where will I be in 3 years. JUST GO FOR IT!

Come and join us over on Instagram we post daily stories of our crazy silly home life! come and join in the fun xxx

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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. Some great tips hun, I’ve been blogging for a few years now but I’ve never really thought of doing some of these tips! Will have to put them into action 🙂


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