BathBox – July Bath Bomb Subscription


I think I have found my ultimate monthly img_6750subscription box! Well I don’t think I know!!

If you didn’t know already I am a mega bath bomb lover, I’m a lush lover mostly and I kind of feel like I’m cheating on my love. But seeing as lush are taken 900 years to bring out there monthly subscription I was forced to seek it elsewhere haha!

I did a bit of online searching and came across BathBox  and the rest is history hah! So my first box arrived today and I was so excited.  The box is a rolling contract and can be cancelled at any time. The monthly cost is £9.99 and in that you’ll receive a selection of bath bombs, soaps and salts. Each month has a theme like many monthly boxes do. This one is summer fruits. img_6753

The smell that hits you when you open the box smells AMAZING. Firstly the box was decorated lovely we all know my weird obsession with boxes haha! It was bigger than I expected and this is true for the product sizing also! Very big in size.

So in my box the first item if the Kiwi Fruit bath bomb .The box comes with a little leaflet explaining each product and their RRP this one is £4. This smells gorgeous. It is a bit bitty and crumbly but they were all packaged great so I think this could be due to the weird heat wave were having it isn’t broken just a bit delicate. I cant wait to use this tonight I think its defiantly going to have the fizz factor!

Next is another bath bomb in the scent Lemon and Lime. This one is an oval shape in its own shrink wrap. So I’m guessing once open it needs to goimg_6761 straight into the water and may also be delicate. I can easily smell the scent through the wrap and it smells so fresh and nice!  RRP £4



Thirdly is a funky fruity bar of soap shaped as watermelon slice. I have to be honest but I don’t like this scent. I Love the idea and the look but I just don’t like the smell haha! It may be perfect for someone else but just not my preference. Ill still use it on the kids though I think they will also enjoy the shaping as they both love melon I just have to watch Derry doesn’t try to eat it haha! RRP £4


Number 4 out of the box is the little test tube shaped bath salts in lemon and orange scent. I really like it really reminds me of a lush bomb! It smells so nice. I took the cap off and the scent hit me so strongly so I know ill only need a small amount of this. On the leaflet is also says if I return my test tubes (10) then I will receive a free bath bomb. Environment friendly. RRP £1.50

And lastly in the box is Berry and Blackcurrant Bath Soufflé. I actually had to google what a soufflé is hah! And I realised thanks to google what it actually says hah! I linked it so you can see yourself hah! It says to hold under running water I think its basically another bomb it also smells so beautiful and fruity. RRP £2.50 img_6763

So that is my first BathBox and I’m so pleased with it! Ill definitely be keeping my subscription with them.

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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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