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Life Update – What have we been doing?

I thought id do a little update on what we’ve been doing over the past 2 weeks. I haven’t done many blogs and I didn’t update the watch us weekly so I will add in a few clips to!

On the 24th is was Derrys 2nd birthday! We didn’t do much as its been so hot in the uk we had planned a day at a theme park but it was just to hot to be outside for the kids so we spent the day indoors playing with all her new toys. I’m the type of mum that just cant leave one child out so I brought corey some little presents to as they are at the age of not really understanding birthdays. So he had some to! We had a lovely day! ( ill videos at the bottom )



Corey then went to stay with his nanny for a few days and had lots of fun with his cousins having water fights and going to the park!.


I had some great news id waited a year for so we had a lovely happy few days enjoying the good news and spending to much money getting new clothes and house hold itemsΒ  hah!

We have just had an amazing few weeks and we have been so happy. The happiest we’ve been in a while and a huge weight lifted. We just spent the week together enjoying each others company having fun and being a family!



What have you been doing?? Leave us a comment!!





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