Top Tips for Insomnia

Insomnia! If you’ve ever suffered with insomnia you know exactly how frustrating it is. It completely affects your whole life. In my own experience I would go 4-5 days without sleeping correctly before my body gave in and I would finally sleep. I would be active all day trying to burn off every ounce of energy, I would have zero screen time (my phone) a few hours before bed, I tried everything and then come 3am I would still lying in the dark trying to fall asleep and then up at 6am with the kids. I would then start as the days went on feeling poorly, drained and obviously completely exhausted.

I have a condition called restless legs syndrome along with other health issues so I had visited the doctor on and off trying lots of medications but none worked other than a sleeping tablet which I obviously couldn’t stay on forever. A few months ago I made the decision to come off all the sleeping aid medication in an attempt to try to get my body clock sorted by myself. It took a good 2 months to try and a lot of tears and sleepless nights lying in the dark. But now I have finally cracked it! And I finally SLEEP! Hah! And if you have suffered with insomnia you will know how amazing sleep finally feels.


So these little aids are just little bits and bobs to do before you actually get to the going to bed stage. An hour before bed have No screen time (other than maybe the tv) so no phones or tablets. Lie down on the sofa and completely relax. Have a nice warm bath dimmed lights and just lie there with your eyes closed. Anything you need to have ready for the morning like clothes out, school shoes, car keys etc have them all out ready sorted so that when you get into bed you’re not thinking oh god I didn’t do this or that or where are my keys! haha! Get yourself sorted the night before or your mind just won’t shut off.

OK! so my first tip is A FAN! I know your probably like what? But trust me even if its img_8941winter turn the fan on point it at the wall but the sound of the fan will help relax you. New born babies often sleep with a noise marker that just generators white noise static noise because it aids sleep. And if you’re not wanting the coldness of the fan try buying a noise maker for yourself. I sleep every night now with the fan on and I love a cold bedroom to so I switch it on before bed and pull the covers back to make the cold cool.

Black out curtains are my next tip. In the summer months it doesn’t get dark till late and its like your body is like no the sun is still up we aint sleeping haha! Having black out curtains kind of tricks your body and helps you to relax if the room is completely dark. And these can be brought in most home stores.

Breathing exercise. So is something I do once im in bed and lied quietly for 15 minutes or so. You might feel a bit silly I know I did but it does help it’s not a magic spell though so don’t expect instant results to drift off to sleep instantly haha! What you do is take a slow breath in through your nose and count to 4 mentally then hold your breathe to the count of 7, then exhaust through mouth slowing to the count of 8. Then repeat 5 times. It will help you relax, bring down your blood pressure and help you to drift off.

Quiet music. I’ve made a playlist on my phone of slow, old, calm songs. Ones that aren’t bouncy upbeat sing along etc. I stick one head phone in so that I can still hear the white noise from the fan and I play it quietly after my breathing. I quickly put it so the brightness of the phone doesn’t “wake me up” to much and then I lie listening to it. I often fall asleep with it in and it just falls out in the night or ill take it out when I feel myself drifting off.

Sleep Sprays. On the market there are lots of sleeping aid sprays made with things like lavender and camomile and ive tried a few but the 2 that I found really worked were 1 being from lush but is exactly a body spray they also have a body lotion and the other is from a brand called Net-a-porter called it works which is a pillow spray . They both do the same kind of thing, spraying them on your pillow & body before bed and the scents help relax you into sleep.

And my last tip is a note-book. I know for me I lie in bed and suddenly my brain starts throwing to do lists, don’t forget this, do that and oh my god you forgot this lines at me haha! I start thinking about everything my brain just suddenly starts remembering things I forget from 4 years ago hah! So a note-book and pen at the side of the bed so when your brain suddenly scream YOU FORGOT TO CALL SUSAN BACK FROM 4 MONTHS AGO at you, you can quickly write it down and your brain will go quiet until if your like me it randomly asks a question like I wonder what the queen eats for tea haha! Just me?

I hope these little tips and tricks help you to drift off to sleep and of course if your insomnia starts to really affect your health see your doctor. I know how much it can especially with daily life and having to function it’s really hard. I think if you haven’t suffered with insomnia you don’t understand how awful it actually can be. I’m not talking about not being able to fall asleep one night im talking serious sleep deprivation weeks and months on end. See your GP.





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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