Whats new on our book shelf! AD (gifted)

Ive mentioned before in previous posts that in our household well me and the kids anyway are book worms! We love our books especially before bed. I love sitting with the kids choosing our book and I get way to into it with voices and all sorts hah! Mark isn’t a book person but he loves making up stories himself. So anyway we were recently sent a bundle of books and every single one has been a hit with the kids. We have read each one at least 3 times now so I thought id give them a spotlight and shout out as we love them! I think im going to make this a series type things where by ill add in whats on our book shelf a couple times a month. So here we go …..

Peppa Pig – Peppa’s Magical Unicorn 

Id say from the bundle this is by far the kids favourite being they are 4 & 2 and Peppa pig is like the 3rd child in our house hah! We love a bit of Peppa especially Derry so this was the first we read and we have read at least 100 times since it arrived ha! I actually really like this as it brought up the conversation of sharing toys with friends. Peppa shares her rocking horse with Susie sheep and we got talking about sharing. Daddy pig then turns the horse into a unicorn over night as a surprise. The cover is lovely and glittery and on the first page there is a part that says My magical unicorn name is …. & we have filled it in as Derry is dazzle Derry doo doo and Corey is Captain Corey crazy pants lol. It’s a lovely book with lots of big colourful pictures to capture the storyline for any younger children. And who wouldn’t love a horse named Horsey Twinkle Toes haha! We really like it and is £6.99 to purchase.



I have to honest about this one I was a bit like oh god in the middle of the story hah! The story is about a little girl called billy and her cat called Fatcat, its a story of them walking through a woods and hearing some sounds then being put into a bag. Then throughout the story billy convinces the beast not to grate and eat her friends and add them to his soup. By the end she has saved the other animals and then they trap the beast in the pot and throw him off the mountain, so yeah haha! This brought up questions like where was her mummy? Why did they throw him off a cliff? haha! It was abit full on for us hah! But I think for children older like 6 this would be a good read. We have read it 3 times though so Corey did enjoy it. This one is £6.99. 


This one is probably my favourite ive read this to Derry every night before bed for the last week! It’s about a little mischievous unicorn who’s daddy is counting the minutes to bed but Twinkle gets carried away and ends up to far from home! But using her unicorn wishing powers makes a wish and a rainbow appears to guide her home again and she’s fast asleep by the time her daddy gets to 1 minute. The story has a rhyming tone to it and Derry really enjoys this one. The illustrations are lovely to. We’ve added in bits like finding the 2 little bunnies on each page too. This one is also £6.99


100 DOGS 

Some people are cat people and others are dogs. Derry is 100% a dog person she’s probably going to own at least 100 herself as an adult haha! To the point i have to face time my mum just so Derry can see her dogs! This book was made for Derry haha! She ADORES it! It’s a fun rhyming book filled with well a 100 dogs haha! All different breeds, shapes and sizes all doing cute funny things like going into space or pulling santa’s sledge.  The part Corey found hilarious is the squatting dog doing a poop haha! BOYS! This is £6.99.


Roald Dahl is an Author i grew up surrounded by my late nan introduced me to all his books as such a small child and i loved them and still do! These beautiful hardback little baby books are great learning tools. The Opposites has bright colourful illustrations showing opposites like big to small etc with lovely animal characters and the thick card pages make it easy for little fingers to turn the page unaided also has pop up like flaps to look under. The 123 book is in the same style bright, thick and colourful to aid learning numbers. These are both £6.99



I really like one it’s about a little rabbit who doesn’t believe he’s capable of doing anything like his friends such as roller skating or dancing. Until bear makes him a “magic” paper hat. He wears the hat and suddenly he can do everything like his friends but then he realises the hat has fallen off and is lost. Then bear reveals the hat wasnt magic and it all came from rabbit himself! A little hidden message of self-confidence and self belief! It’s a lovely little read and is £11.99 


Disclamier – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.




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Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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