Jouellerie Review AD (gifted)

Disclaimer – I’m going to start this review off by saying I was contacted a PR company for review of these products and they sent the products to me for my opinion. I am always honest in my reviews whether I have spent with my own money or the products are sent to me. It doesn’t change my opinion i stay neutral and real with my opinion.  With that said that’s get into our review!


img_9508The first item i took out the box was this lovely Rose gold bangle. I love anything rose gold and if its got diamonds/ gem finish its right up my street. Unfortantly the bangle after closer inspection was missing a gem which is such a shame.img_9595

I’m a perfectionist so having the gem missing means i wouldn’t wear it but another reason and obviously the main reason i wouldnt be able to wear it is the bangle is very small in sizing. I have quiet thick wrists so my 14-year-old niece whom has quite thin wrists tried it on for photographic purpose and it was also very snug on her. The picture below is showing how 3 fingers fit into it.

img_9581With it being a bangle and a solid frame there is no room for give. In my opinion it is just too small. I dont think there is a sizing choice on the site as far as i am aware anyway as these were sent to me.

Although the design and style is lovely its just a shame the sizing and gem are missing. I like the cross over style of the bangle and in appearance i would say this was my favorite at first sight. As im writing this ive also noticed an orange kind of brass stain to the side of the bangle, that wont come off also an in dent in the backing which wouldn’t be seen whilst on my but is noticeable to the wearer . On the site they currently have sale prices showing so originally this was £25.99 but is now down to £6.99.



img_9586Next is my favorite of the lot. And its this lovely little delicate bracelet with stars called the Hailey star bracelet silver.  I originally thought this was an ankle bracelet but its not. It’s like a double braclete so looks like 2 on the wrist. It has pretty little stars along and little silver balls within its design. This one the sizing is perfect and very diverse as it can be easily adjusted to larger or smaller wrists. It fit both myself and niece. The chain is very delicate and pretty i really like this one and it has no defects on it at all. This before sale was £19.99 and being honest i wouldn’t pay £20 for it but in sale is £3.99 which i would 100%.



img_9522Now this one is the Artmeis Bracelet in Silver and being honest in appearance wise is not my style but someone else may love it i could see myself loving this in my teens though. Its kind of cage design chain and has a heart pendant on with rhinestones. The chain itself is kept together by a magnetic connector which isnt great. My niece wore it for 5 minutes or so and the slightest knock made the bracelet fall off and the pendant slide right off the chain, which if your out and about could mean it easily getting lost without you noticing.

img_9563The back off the pendant which if you were busy getting on with your day would most likely become visible at some point has holes through the design but a minor defect is 2 holes have been joined together making them stand out and odd to the others.
img_9560I know that is just minor but its something i noticed straight away. The chain is well made and chunky but is also made very small and was tight on the thinner wrist. pricing before sale is £19.99 now down to £3.99


These little crown earrings are my second favorite from the lot which again have a small defect. The design is a little crown with a rhinestone inside but one of the metal pieces holding the gem in is missing which may not be noticeable to those that didn’t know it was there. They are lovely little earrings which is such shame the defect is there.  These are also on sale and were £29.99 down to now just £2.99 . If i had seem them in the shop i don’t think i would have spent £30 on them but for £3 i defiantly would without the defect, they also came in a nice little black velvet bag the same as the rest which i think would make the perfect gift. It’s just a shame of the fault.



img_9572Next is a set consisting of a bangle and a pair of stud earrings called Anabelle Set. The bangle again is small like ive said before with the others. I do like the design but i thought it had another fault but after looking at the website its the actual design which to me is odd? If you look, it has 1 gem 2 gem 1 gem 1 gem? i dont understand why there are 2 hah! I might have understood if it was like 1 gem 1 gem 2 gem 1 gem 1 gem? But it has 2 randomly placed not symmetrical. That would bug me badly hah! But however the look is lovely apart from the randomly place gem. But even on the website that is how it’s pictured so i guess it’s not a fault. There is a slight bit of metal pointing down that i tried to take off but couldnt it is really minor but i noticed it straight away.  The earrings however are beautiful with little rhinestone studs and ive had no problems with them i really like them. The set is originally £19.99 down to £3.99.




All the jewellery came in little black bags which would make great presents.img_9587

As i said in my disclaimer i always give real opinions and so if asked would i buy from this company, sadly not. They gave me quiet a few items to review and most had some kind of slight fault which is a shame. But out of the items there was only 1 other than the earrings from the set that didnt have a fault. I wouldnt want to spend my money incase i received a faulty item and ok it may be a mistake and yes they may replace it if asked to but what if it was for a birthday or christmas prsent and all the hassle of sending it back and so on. So no i wouldnt use this company which is such a shame i hate to be negative and give a bad review but thats just my opinion. If the company could sort out there issues with defects and sizing i think the items would be lovely. Although the pricing is cheap i think the items are a reflection on that and yes they are costume items but the original prices dont reflect that only the sale pricing?

What do you think would you make a purchase? Are the prices a reflection on the items and do you expect slight defects for those prices? Leave us a comment im so interested to know!?

Disclamier – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.

All items can be seen here and the pricing is correct as of 3rd september 2018 

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Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

2 thoughts

  1. Aww I really love this post, I especially love your honesty! It’s such a shame about the rose gold bracelet to be honest with you. 😦 it’s so cute too! It does make me wonder why their pieces are so cheap… if you know what I mean? 😛

    Great review and again, love the honesty!


  2. I’ve bought several things from this company in one order. Thought I was getting a bargain, but everything had to go back, every item had gems missing or set wonky. The quality is like stuff from Poundland. It’s all cheap rubbish.

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