Ok I know I say every month ” This is my favourite glossy box” but this month is defiantly by favourite ever! When mark brought it in from the door he said wow thats heavy this month and he was right it was really full! The items this month were mostly full size and when I opened it I was really surprised at how much there was! I did open the box over on my youtube if you fancy a watch rather than a read then check that out its more a quick unboxing rather than a deeper review as such. img_9934

img_9941So lets get into a full on review of this months glossy box! Im going to start with my favourite which is this Wild Garden pure and fabulous Eau de perfume. I can’t put an actual scent like lavender or a certain smell but this smells AMAZING to the point I went in search for online and found it in candle form as well as body lotion and body mist and im not even ashamed to say ive brought them all haha! The scent is a to me a grown up scent its mature and just beautiful I would highly recommend this and for £12 but I actually found it cheaper here also the other items in the range can be brought there also.  The scent is described as notes of pear, water lily and warm amber. Its a floral scent but I only sprayed a small amount and I keep catching the smell still strong hours later. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


img_9942Next is this Karl Lagerfield & model collab lip liner. I actually received there collaboration box a few months that ill link and I also have a few other items in this range I like all the tones and especially the warmer tones coming into the winter. This one is in the shade Rosewood and its a warm pink verging on a plum tone. I do really like this but for id blend this in the outer corners with a more beige tone as it’s abit to plum for me. Im not a very out there person with my lip colours I like to stay natural but I do like to add in slight peaks of warmer tones so I will defiantly be using this. In the leaflet that comes with the glossy box it stated this was £25 and I thought that must be wrong but ive checked online and it is right which for me is way to pricing as much as I love a designer brand I think thats just abit to much for a lip liner. If its going to plumb my lips like Angelia than maybe but £25! wow haha! I feel mad spending that on foundation so just for a pencil I defiantly wouldn’t but whatever floats your boat and all that. Its a lovely shade but the name on the packaging is defiantly the reason behind the pricing. This is a full size product.


img_9943This one im really pleased about its the Bang Beauty eyebrow cream in the shade dark brown. I have quite dark eyebrows so im hoping this shade won’t stand out to much and will look realistic. I usually go with black but I think this may be ok. I also swatched this on my hand and 2 hours later the line is still swatched on my hand so has lasted. Theres nothing worse than being out and wiping part of your eyebrow off hah! I have made a massive mistake with my eye brows I couldn’t find my tweezers one day so I decided to shave hah! Half way through it was going well until Corey knocked me and I shaved HALF OFF! No lie haha So for me I need a product to last the day so im not walking around with half an eyebrow! There is quite a lot in the pot and it also came with a small brush applicator. This is £16.80 to purchase. I could only find  the US site so no link.


img_9944Next was least favourite I just didn’t like the scent from it. It is the Grow Gorgeous scalp detox. t has a very gritty feel which ive never had in a hair product if im honest I didn’t like it the thought of it in my hair hah! But the scent really put me off anyway it says the scent is pomegranate and natural castor oil  that removes blocked roots to aid growth. Some people  may like the scent but for me it smelt abit chemical I love a strong hair product scent so my hair continuously smells like a hair salon but I didn’t like this one. Ill give it ago anyway and see if it it improves my hair at all. This is a mini and £7.37 and full size is £28. I suppose if you’ve got a build up and dandruff this would work brilliantly.

img_9940This one I will 100%be using tonight I love masks especially ones containing charcoal I always feel these leave my skin extra soft. This on is the Beauty Pro detoxifying bubbling mask with activated charcoal. I can’t wait to use it tonight in my bath. It claims to be an award winning mask and includes lime, apple and lots more inside so we shall see tonight. This is £4.95



img_9945And lastly is this packet of Wet ones hah! Random I know. Im a parent so I have wet wipes in every cupboard, draw and bag hah! So for me this was abit of a let down as its just something I use all day everyday. I carry them all day long but I can see why they are in the box. Everyone uses them and they are great make up removers theres not much I can say about them. There wet wipes hah! This little packet is perfect for your handbag and is £1.19.


So that was this months box. By far by favourite is the perfume i love it even mark (my partner) has said how nice it smells and for the price I think they’d make lovely little stocking fillers coming up to Christmas. I think this month I defiantly got my moneys worth as the box is £9.99 and the total of the content is £67.31 can’t go wrong with that. Ill leave a picture below of the leaflet included. And heres a link to glossy to start your subscription, you can cancel at anytime. I highly recommend.









Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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  1. This looks great. You will have to let us know what the bubbling detox mask was like. There’s nothing better than a face mask and a relaxing bath. X


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