Corey First week of school!

I thought I would do a quick update of how coreys getting on at school and how the new routine and change has affected the family dynamics. Tomorrow will be a week since starting. I previously wrote about how we were all feeling and how we prepared for school so if you want to catch up thats linked. I also did a youtube video of his first day.

img_9735On his first day he was beyond excited if you watch the video link above first you’ll see just how excited he was and as a little surprise I made a sign and put it on the front door to surprise him when he got home and he was over the moon with it.

He and Derry are mega pj mask fans.



On his second day we dropped him off as before but on this day Corey had asked me not to go into the classroom he wanted to do it on his own and hang his own bag up and just say bye at the door, so that’s what i did. He went in the classroom and his teacher was standing at the door so i said bye and he went in but i noticed inside the room a little boy was crying to his mummy. We walked away and got half way across the playground and mark suddenly said “Corey what are you doing!” . I turned around and corey was following us. I don’t blame the teacher, a lot was going on yes he shouldnt have been allowed back out the room but there are teachers at every gate so he would never have actually made it out the school and wondered off, at least i hope not anyway. It was a small mistake and when i tried to take him back he was saying the same as the little boy in the classroom was to his mum “dont leave me” and he began to cry. I explained he needed to stay and i would pick him up later , the teacher apologised and she took his hand and tried to lead him off but he clung to my hand crying and it took everything in me to walk away i wanted to burst out crying. We stood in the playground for a little bit out of his sight just watching the door to make sure he didn’t come back out then we left. It really really really hurt my heart i wanted to pick him up and walk out the school with him to save his tears. We got home and i was sat debating whether to phone and check he was in the classroom and not upset. I kept telling myself if there was a problem they would ring me! And by 9.30 i was about to ring when my phone rang and it was the school to say he was perfectly fine and had stopped crying as soon as i left and i felt mega relief! Anyway i couldn’t wait to pick him up and when i did he was so happy and excited. We talked about not leaving the room once i had left him and he promised the next day he wouldn’t cry.

Next day he went in perfectly fine and happy and has been loving it ever since. His face lights up telling me all about what his done, what friends he’s played with and what he had for lunch. That was another thing he came home the first day and said i sat away from my friends at lunch? I said oh why he said because you gave me packed lunch and they all have school dinners i was embarrassed. It hurt my heart that he had sat away from his class. The reason he had a packed lunch is because he has a very weak stomach and any kind of smell or even a child with food on their face will make him throw up it’s a problem we are trying to work on so i played it safe with packed lunch. But he is old enough to make little decision like that himself and he really wanted the school dinners so every lunch time im sat looking at my phone waiting for the call of Corey’s been sick but so far so good!. Every night he has his bath and is in bed by 7 within minutes he off into the land of nod hah!img_0083


img_0093The first few days for me were torture I kept looking at the time I couldn’t wait to pick him up but now im more relaxed I really like the quieter time while he’s at a school and I don’t feel that mum guilt of we haven’t left the house today. I feel happier knowing hes active and hes learning. Plus it does Derry good going on the school runs each day. But she’s having a hard time. She will ask all day “where’s mate” she calls him mate hah! But when he leaves in the morning for the past 2 days she cried and wanted to hang on to him. She asks all through the day and her face explodes with excitement when she sees him come out the school giving him massive hugs. And She got to use her new umbrella for the first time on a rainy school run haha!img_9822

We’ve noticed a huge change in the whole house. Everyone is calmer, the kids are arguing less and everything just feels calmer. When your spending every single day with the same people it would drive anyone mad hah! So the little break in the day is doing everyone the world of good.

Have your little ones started school? How are they getting on?

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