BathBox – September

Im back again with another Your Bath Box review. Ive been getting this subscription box for around 3 months now if you want to have read July and August . This month I did an unboxing over on our Youtube channel so if you’d like to watch that then its linked for you to check out.

The box itself costs £9.99 a month and that includes delivery. The payment is taken direct debit from my bank account each month so I don’t have to worry about reordering and can be cancelled at anytime. The boxes usually arrives around the same time of each month and just arrives with my usual post. So with all that said lets get into the review!

img_0789This is what I got in this months box. Usually there is a couple bath bombs, the salts and a soap or shampoo bar. The box each month has a theme and this month it was desserts! A leaflet is included inside to explain what each product is and what they contain.



img_0791Ill start with my favourite in the box. This is a mint chocolate soap and I can not even tell you how nice this smells. Its a really strong scent and I can’t wait to use it. I would happily eat this haha! It smells just like mint areo or after eights. Ive put this in my bathroom just on the sink and every time we walk in or past the bathroom we can smell it. I wish I could add in a scratch and sniff test to this review haha! I know from previous boxes they lather up lovely and I can’t wait to smell like choc chip!

Leaflet – Finish off with another overwhelmingly brilliant scent. Mint hot chocolate. Need we say more? This classic hot choc favourite is yours to enjoy in the form of this amazing soap. RRP £3.50

The next one is this Chocolate & Coconut fizzing heart. I really like this aswell. I love any products that have the coconut scent in but random fact I hate the taste of coconut haha! If I see something like a shower gel or even a candle that the scent is coconut, im immediately drawn to it! I can smell a hint of chocolate in it. This is a bit of a random description but does anyone remember the scented gel pens? haha! It smells just like the chocolate scented one! They were all the rage in my teenage years hah! But this smells just like that and has little dried coconut flakes on plus its the shape of a heart so whats not to like! img_0793

Leaflet – This heart shaped fizzer comes in either coco brown or coconut white. And is a fantastic little bath treat for you to enjoy at your leisure. It reminds us of a well known chocolate bar. RRP £3.00.

img_0794This bomb is named the Apple pie and Custard Bomb however I can’t smell any of that kind of scent on it. It might be because they’ve been in the box together but this one really for me smells of mint, that’s the only scent I can get from it but I do really like it. One negative I do have about this well it’s not so much a negative but just something ive noticed. The bombs are quite crumbly. In my first review of these we were having a heat wave so I put it down to that but its now a lot colder and they are still the same. Its not like they are falling apart they are just not as compressed as some other leading brands. But they make great explosive fizzes in the bath and thats all that matters haha!

Leaflet – Set your taste buds, your sense of smell and your bath off with this ridiculously yummy smelling bath bomb. Let the smell alone warm you up the thought of freshly basked apple pie. RRP £4.00

img_0795The next bomb in the box is this Lemon Meringue pie bomb. This also smells minty so I think maybe the soap scent is just so strong its attached to all the other products hah! I can get slight lemon in this one though. The bombs from these boxes do have a great fizzing effect in the bath which could be why they are abit bitty because they contain quite a lot sodium bicarbonate. But my kids love them as they do fizz so loudly and bubble a lot which they love. Ive left this picture quite large so you can see the texture abit clearer. The kids have already claimed these haha!

Leaflet – Whats better than one pie? Well that would be two pies. Heres another classic dessert scented bomb to wrap your nose around and then dunk in your bath. Followed by yourself, you lucky devil. RRP £4.00

img_0796And lastly in the box of bubble is the test tube of bath salts named May chang, tea tree and juniper salts, which doesn’t really fit with the desserts theme does it? hah! I always use these myself I just tip the whole tube in the running water wether your supposed to use it all at once I don’t know but I do hah! This smells amazing and the only scent I get from this is lavender. I love lavender I use the scent all around my house and I think the scent is the perfect one to end a long day. Getting into a bath filled with lavender scent and then climbing into bed sounds perfect! I can’t wait to use these.

Leaflet – Need a little time out after all that desserts? Then get these powerfully scented salts into your bath an let the essential oils detox your mind body and soul. As always collect and return 10 tubes to us and we will pop a free bomb in your next box. RRP £1.50



Thats my little review of the September Bath box. As a family we all look forward to the box arriving and we all use the products. My favourite this month was defiantly the soap! I don’t think ill be using that one as quickly and let the scent fill the bathroom for abit longer. I really do like this box and for the £9.99 I think you get quite a lot. The bombs are big in size and with delivery its just easy to enjoy! Which would be your favourite? Do you get the boxes too?

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