Fingerling – Untamed Review AD (gifted)

If you don’t know what a Fingerling is then your living under a rock or your children haven’t reached this stage yet and your so lucky haha! Last year 2017 fingerlings smashed the trending toys and everywhere was selling out before they even reached the shelves. Parents across the country turned into wild animals on the hunt for fingerlings so not to disappoint come Christmas morning. They first appeared as cute little monkeys and other creatures like unicorns and sloths. They are interactive toys that sit on the childs finger and react to touch etc with sounds and movement. Now you can also buy baby versions and even climbing frames and toys for the fingerling!

We last year missed the craziness surrounding them as our children were that bit to little but now Corey 4 has been noticing them on the TV and asking for one.

Fingerlings have now brought out there UNTAMED range which is full of dinosaurs like T-rexs and raptors! I think they realised a lot of boys and probably a lot of girls didn’t want the little cute pink monkeys etc so they changed cuteness for fierceness!

We received our fingerling from a PR company and Corey was abit nervous about it. He hadn’t seen the Untamed range and he has a fear of moving toys but he was desperately wanting to play with him haha! We did an unboxing over on our channel if you want to have a watch of that here. He ended up falling in love with him its a cute little video.

img_0963So this is Blaze! Thats the name he came with and Corey loved that.  Hes already causing chaos and exploring his new home! Firstly i love the colours on him being all different and not just one colour. They come in a range of colours and different dino types. They have a small switch on the back of their heads which is something I was thankful for. Did anyone else have a furby growing up and they couldn’t be switched off hah!

The Dino sits on your finger perfectly or you can explore different things for him to attach to as you can see. He reacts to different things for example clapping your hands can make him sing, cradling him can put him to sleep and blowing on his nose can make him sneeze plus all these below in the picture.


Some thing I really do like with this product is the price! For the amount of interaction you get out of the fingerling I would have expected these to be ridiculously priced but they can be brought for round £20 which I think is amazing! Weve had this now for about 2 hours and both of the kids have not stopped playing with him. They have made up stories of what blaze is doing and weve been looking up what raptors eat and how alike they are to lizards, ive had to google a thousand questions that corey has asked all about raptors hah! Its VERY safe to say santa may be bringing blaze the raptor some Fingerling friends this year! CURRENTLY IN THE ARGOS PRICE EVENT OF 3 FOR 2! 

Can be purchased from all leading retailers!

– Disclaimer – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.

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