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img_1626This review has sent me back in time to my teenager years where scented gel pens were like gold and id make any excuse to use them! The chocolate flavour was my favourite and it was an essential pencil case item! I had 100s and oddly I was only talking them a few weeks ago and then this package arrived!

We did a kind of unboxing/ first thoughts over on out YouTube channel the video is all Corey giving his little review! If you want to check that out apparently one of the pens smells like a cheese sandwich hah!

Scentco who are they and what are they all about!? 

Scentco make and design stationary that is fun, eco-friendly and most excitingly SCENTED! Their range includes pencils that are cutely named Smencils, Marker pens called Smarkers, Pens – Smens, Smanimals  which are cute little teddies aswell as scented notepads , paper clips and key chains. They even have designs like Spiderman and Disney plus lost more!

Something very unique about this range is that all Smencils and Smarkers are made from 100% recycled newspaper! Isn’t that amazing I actually think this is awesome. And the scent is guaranteed to last 2 years! In our video Corey actually goes with the answer of them being made from plastic which of course isn’t the case!

So whether your children love to get creative with drawings or you know a colleague that loves their stationary or even you yourself are a stationary obsessor like me then this range is perfect for you because who doesn’t love to use a notepad that smells like donuts or a pen that smells like cotton candy! With Christmas around the corner this range would make the perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

So now you know abit about them and what they are about let’s get into the review!


As ive mentioned it ill start with this cute little notepad. Each page is filled with a gorgeous scent and the more you sketch or scratch the page the scent becomes stronger. The Scented Sketch Pad also comes with its own little pencil. As a child I always got a little notepad in my stocking at Christmas time so this would be perfect for that! Its cute packaging makes it a fun little notepad to keep in your bag or on your desk and will leave your surrounding smelling beautiful!.


These next ones are called Smarker and they kind of speak for themselves with their clever name. S for scented and put together marker we obviously get smarker! These of the products of my childhood! The newer improved version anyway ha! They smell amazing!! One scent that stands out to me is the Blue marker which is named cotton candy. Do you remember that doll from years ago with the cherries on the spoon? Well if you do then this Smarker pen smells just like that. They all smell nostalgic and are such yummy scents! In the packet you get 6 colours. Each pen has a cardboard feeling to it and makes it easy for gripping and they also come in their own tubes! My children really enjoyed drawing with these!



This little Cutie was defiantly our favourite! He smells BEAUTIFUL!! We’ve named him jelly hah! He is a Smanimal

and is a backpack buddy. They come in 6 different characters and each one is filled with stuffing and scented beads. He smells gorgeous! Our one is an elephant and its scent is PJ and jelly! Corey said he smells like strawberry! He’s so soft and cute and comes with a small attachment to clip him to anything you like. Ours has been clips on to our pushchair for Derry to play with! And his scent lasts for 2 years!!


This really wowed me when Corey tried them out. Especially the yellow one it looked like  a light! These are scented Sketch and Sniff Gel crayons and I think out of the pens etc these were my favourite and smelt the strongest especially the green water melon. They smell beautiful and something that came to mind straight away was these would be great for highlighters they are really vibrant! They would make the perfect student addition too for revising. £6.50

These next ones I thought were great for the office or for students! They are cute little Mocha paper clips. Very on trend lately and I think you’ve already guessed are scented! I thought these were super cute and add that little bit extra flair to any paper work! Perfect for stocking fillers too! £2.50


And of course no stationary is complete without Smencils haha! These were the first product I showed Corey and I got the funniest picture went I told him they smell of different things! That face he’s like no way!! hah! img_1864

These are also made from recycled newspaper I just think that is amazing! And although they are pencils the scent is still just as strong and beautiful! These would make a great Christmas present for any stationary lover! They come in their own tubes too so they are easier to not get lost! (Mum problems hah!) We loved them! £10 for a 10 pack. img_1616


And lastly to keep all that beautiful scented stationary you of course need a scented pencil case hah! This one is cupcake scented and comes with a little cake character which is also scented of course! This smelt like a vanilla cake and who doesn’t want that! This would make the perfect office or schooling edition. Its also made of silicon so it easily wiped down too! And the scent also lasts for 2 years! They come in a variety of colours and characters.


I think this whole range would make awesome gifts for adults and children! Make that paperwork or homework that bit extra fun to do! Me and the kids love them! They have so much more in the range than these and all packed with scents and designs so head over to DKL TOYS and have a nosey around there is something for everyone!

Thanks for reading!

Nat x

Disclamier – These products were gifted to me no contract review was agreed. These opinions are all my own regardless and I am always completely honest in my reviews.



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