Ok I think ive found my ultimate Christmas present gifts!! I am not a stranger to telling the world about my love for LUSH cosmetics and if you haven’t heard about them then where have you been?! Just incase you’ve been visiting Jupiter for eternity and don’t have a clue who LUSH are i’ll tell you a little bit about them and then I will reveal the worlds greatest gifts for mums, grans, dads, sister brother anyone! ha!

LUSH cosmetics are no surprise a cosmetics brand their products include anything from soaps to make up and most probably more so known for their bath bombs and scents! If you’ve ever walked a mile away from a lush store you’ve probably smelt the scent im talking about ha! Ok a mile is abit over the top but their stores are filled with the most gorgeous inviting scents that are only found inside a LUSH store! What makes them so different is that all products are all handmade, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and have a brilliant ethical buying policy. Have a read through their values and policies here.

Lush really do stand out from the crowd and have hundreds if not thousands of stores throughout the world. I myself again ill say it one last time am I massive fan especially for gifts. They have such great pricing, a gift can be found in any budget for anyone! It is the first place I always turn to for everyone and the first thing I say I would like! Especially for Christmas the novelty designs just blow me away from Santas to stars and Christmas trees! With all that said lets get into the review of their gifts set JOLLY HOLIDAYS and SWEET CHRISTMAS.

This gift set comes in a beautifully decorated tin in a suit case design with a handle and clasp. Every lush gift set wrapping is just as beautiful and colourful as the product itself and this one is no different. With novelty Santas decorating the outside in all shapes and colours with the navy blue background, it just screams nostalgic Christmas vibes. box done

Inside the tin you’ll find 5 products being 1 shower jelly, 1 bubble bar and 3 bath bombs. The tin itself is obviously reusable and would be perfect for Christmas mince pies!  The gift set costs £37.95. I did an unboxing over on youtube channel if you’d like to watch that here 

The first product is by far my favourite just on design alone! I didn’t realise at first that if you put the 2 bath bombs together it made a completed Santa! A head and belly. How clever and cute is that. Each bath bomb is used separately as 2 bath bombs well I suppose you could go all out and use them together ha!santa edited lush

He of course smells like heaven and just how I imagine the Real Santa to smell ha! Filled with vanilla and strawberries in scent he makes the perfect addition to Christmas Day! He can also be purchased alone for £9.95



bubble new santaNext is the Naughty elf. He is a cute little bubble bar. Bubble bars can be used as a whole but are reusable. I couldn’t imagine using it all at once though only a small amount is needed to fill you bath with fluffy bubbles galore. Just hold him under your tap or snap a section off and the bubbles will flow out with the gorgeous scent which is to me very citrus.

black bomb lushThis is next one I know will be the funnest to drop into the bath being jet black with the brighter colours inserted. But the thing with lush is just because the outer colour is a certain one doesn’t mean thats whats inside they are filled with surprise colours too! This beauty is rightfully so named The worlds smallest disco and is £5.25 to purchase alone. And the best part of this one it actually contains popping candy for that added excitement!

blue bombThis one is defiantly a secret colour hiding bath bomb. I can see tiny specs hidden under the blue and yellow and I tell this one will explode into a rainbow my favourite kind of bath bomb. This one with its hole like design is cleverly named Holey Night ha! Like a cheesy dad joke I love it! ha! Its not only pretty in colour but like all their products is jam packed with goodness like sandalwood oils and rose absolute. Single price at £4.25

And lastly within the Jolly holidays set is Santas belly jelly. With it jelly like textured shower Gel. I love these and it only takes a small amount pinched off to create a foaming lather or hold the whole ball and rub over your body. This has small specs of golden glitter inside too! This scent is really christmassy with added star anise packing in a warm comforting scent. £4.95 100g. santas belly

And thats the end of the Jolly Holidays set. I highly recommend this set I think it has everything in you could possible need or want! This would be lovely on Christmas night getting in to a hot bubble bath after a long but fun day and end the day on the perfect christmassy note.


This next gift set is named Sweet Christmas and I have to confess a rookie blogger mistake before I get into the review! I unboxed this over on our channel and before doing so I stupidly forgot to take photography of the beautiful wrapping the gift comes in so to have a quick look head here to the lush site. Every lush gift set comes pre wrapped to so thats not only included in the pricing but saves you the hassle of wrapping it! So moving on from my rookie move lets get into the review.

This gift comes with 2 beautiful products inside and RRP is £9.95 which is a great price and something I thought this gift would be great for is a secret Santa being affordable and a gift many would love.

candy cane barThe first is a candy-cane bubble bar which as stated before are reusable and mine have always lasted a long while as only a small amount is needed plus the bars themselves are quite big. This is bursting with a citrus aroma and is packed filled with lemon and bergamot oils leaving yours skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. Sold solo is £3.95

pink bombAnd the last item of course has to be a bath bomb! This one is imprinted with sneaky snow flake that is concealing some hidden colours. It maybe pink on the outside but I can tell this one is a colour changer ha! One of those ones that you think is one colour but once in the water another colour explodes out. This is the Cheery Christmas bath bomb and retails also for £3.95 but together with the candy cane makes the perfect gift or stocking filler for all bath lovers.


Have a fabulous Christmas!!


Watch the full unboxing here 





Author: Life With 2 Tots

Hello, I’m a mummy to 2 crazy wild toddlers. I love all things makeup,skin care and shoes. Just trying to navigate this thing called parenting.

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