Play Foam Pals Review AD (gifted)

Have your children been obsessed with slime this year? I know mine have and when we were sent this product for review I knew I would have 2 very happy children ready to give their expert views! I always pride myself on being honest and so being just that I have to say I hadn’t heard of this brand or product prior to its arrival. We did a first impressions and unboxing over on our channel and I was completely blown away that Corey (4) knew what this product was so a pat on the back to the PlayFoam Pals team for spreading the word ha! You can watch our video here over on our Youtube Channel.

So what is this product exactly? It is slime? It is messy? What makes it different? These are all the questions I thought when I received it and so ill answer those to start this review off. playfoampals

Play foam pals are a new formula in the sensory play category. They are little pods filled with small foam balls that are bound together with a web like material that keeps the foam balls mouldable and playable. The material won’t dry out ever so the fun will never stop. The unique material isn’t that of a slime consistency or a glue like, it really is very unique in style. I can’t even think of the word to describe it! The balls all stay connected with the web like formula and it makes it very easy to play with and build creations.


The playfoam is mess free and won’t stick to surfaces like tables or carpets which for me as a parent is a mega plus point. The formula also means the foam can hold its own shape and the creations to be made our endless. Corey made a football goal and armchair ha! pf4




And where does the Pals side come into this? Well hidden inside each pod is a cute little Animal pal. There are 12 to collect and each one is mixable and matchable. The heads can be detached and added to a new body to create your very own Animal. There is also a rare golden character to be found and we found one! Corey was over the moon about this hah!

pf3Each pack contains 2 pods with 2 different coloured Playfoams and an Animal in each pod. Retailing at £6 I think thats a fabulous price. Especially as the foam will never dry out so can be played with endless amounts.

We opened one of the packs on our channel and the other pack we kept aside for Derry. Both the kids played for a good 2 hours sitting at the table together. We built homes for the Animals and we made different shapes and scenes using the Play foam. My children are 2-4 but the foam is recommended for 5+ but with me supervising we had zero issues with the play foam at all and absolutely NO MESS. We had the odd run away ball but nothing to even write about literally the odd ball escaped but can easily be added back into the foam.  The playfoam is also non toxic.

We really enjoyed playing with these and Corey recently went to stay away for a few days and he took a pod of play foam with him to play with in the car while travelling. Having the no mess meant I had zero worrying about it getting stuck all over the car it was defiantly a life saver in journey and lots of fun.

We highly recommend and it gets the big thumbs up from the kids too! Watch our unboxing HERE


Click here for where to buy Play foam Pals!!

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